10 Best, Amazing & Incredible Expression Engine CMS Based Websites 2013

10 Best, Amazing & Incredible Expression Engine CMS Based Websites 2013

Getting started with Expression Engine or wanted to know the success secretes of Expression Engine CMS then, this page is for you. With online marketing escalating terrifically, the Expression Engine CMS can be found all over the web. There are plethoras of gems hidden in this dynamic CMS. Here we present you some 10 top best Expression Engine based websites to give you all the Expression Engine CMS usability in different multitude e website domains.

Discover the top Expression Engine based websites that have large number of unique visitors, entries, comments, forum posts, members, awards or buzz.

Why late??? Inspire to build one for you!!!! This CMS will enable you to create truly amazing websites/blog through easy-to-use features and a large contributing community besides handling huge traffic requirements, offering extensive add-on capabilities like wikis, photo galleries and RSS feeds.

We are confident; you will truly get inspired with this list!!!! Check out the 10 amazing Expression Engine based websites  2013.



    1.    Barack Obama

This is the official re-election campaign website of President Barack Obama that has all information about the Obama’s campaign latest news, facts, and much more. This ExpressionEngine based website layout is simple, smooth and elegant in white and blue color combinations and user friendly interface.


2.   iLounge

iLounge is one of the most popular and exceptional ExpressionEngine based website that is completely dedicated to provide information all about Apple Inc.’s products including iPod, iPhone, iPad, accessories, related software, and more. A fully functional website hosting daily news updates, independent product reviews, editorial content, discussions forum, galleries all in a well organized fashion and easily interactive with visitors. Truly informative ExpressionEngine website!


3. Sanctuary

Sanctuary is one of the best of best ExpressionEngine based websites that is completely a religious website that has information about church, worship experiences, worship and more.  This ExpressionEngine based website is designed to work on a dark background where enough space is dedicated to the slider showcasing essential information, tiny menu tabs in white, social media integration, and many more widgets to get connected with multiple landing pages.

Super elegant, catchy and ultimate ExpressionEngine based website to get inspired.

4.     Duoh

Duoh is an extremely striking and awe-inspiring ExpressionEngine based website that does branding, graphic designs, prints broachers, posters mailings, interface and icon design, websites, content management, and much more all in a very easily understandable and clear cut layout.

As you can see, the website CMS made it all with the good catchy background colors, segregation of tabs, widgets and content in a fashionable manner.

Love it!!!!

5.     Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is one of the top online comic strip sites that deals with video gaming and includes news, commentary and regular updates of commentaries on the site. The whole website is filled in with the business color blue while the main tabs, text and content in white to make visitors catch with the site for a longer period. A truly addictive ExpressionEngine website to get inspired!!



6.     Sam Houston Project

Sam Houston Project is a website dedicated to discuss about professors, authors, descendants, native Americans, governmental leaders by the experts to help people understand the history more precisely.

This Expression Engine website has a different layout with main menus organized to the left and pertaining content in respective tabs in a beautiful theme.

Great work!!! Great website!!!!

7.     Lealea

Lealea is another ExpressionEngine based website that helps brands, websites and other small scale business fulfill their goals. The whole website layout is themed to be in dark pink, content text in white, header loaded with the company logo, footer shows the various galleries.

Pretty genuine, authentic and incredibly flattering ExpressionEngine website. Don’t miss a shot!! Have a look at this Expression Engine based website for sure.

 8.     Paula Deen

Pauladeen is an incredibly outstanding website that has brand new pool of yummy recopies in tons, the ultimate poolside bash to gear up your delicious home cooking skills with the most famous and reputed Paula Deen a down home, strong willed mom.

There are a lot many things and widgets loaded in this website in a well organized and interactive way, the cool main menu has drop down sub menus, an informative slider, social media integration, galleries, schedules, and much more all in such a small space.

Truly recommended ExpressionEngine site to get inspired!!!



9.     Gear Live

Gear Live is another striking and one of the best top rated ExpressionEngine websites that gears up latest news on gadgets including latest tech news on Apple Inc., video games, TV, events, personalities, and more.

In general, starting news related website is no easy, but with the ExpressionEngine it is all easy and simple. As you can see, there are multiple tabs, widgets, galleries, videos, social icons, room for ads, latest stories, and much more all in a limited space.

Have a look at the website and start up a new website with ExpressionEngine in your own way.

10.           Red Flag Deals

Red Flag Deals is a popular and leading online shopping and promotions stores that provides thousands of deals and coupons across 14 categories to serve customers.

As you can see, there are multiple tabs in the header with pertaining multiple tabs, a search filter, social media integration, latest deals, popular deals, latest coupons,  opinion poll, all set in a effective yet productive way.


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