Best Free Textpattern Templates

Best Free Textpattern Templates

Textpattern as we all know is a reputed PHP-based open-source content management system used by numerous bloggers and website owners for a very wide variety of purposes.

Here we have gathered some unique, comprehensive and resourceful Textpattern templates, the best way to manage your content in terms of creating, editing, and publishing to beautify your whole website outlook it in a professional way.

No more worries with these 10 free, flexible and secured Textpattern templates!!!! Textpattern is a highly regarded open source CMS running tens of thousands of websites. With a browser-based interface in over 30 languages, excellent support and fully-featured, it is easy to see why publishers, designers and developers choose Textpattern.

Give Textpattern Templates a try!!!!!

thumbEmpire Textpattern templates

Are you a bit tired of the boring present look of your site??? Revamp your boring website download the ultimate Empire Textpattern template that helps add colors and liveliness to it.

This exceptional Textpattern template comes with 5 color variations, social media integration, widgets for image advert, archive menu, blogroll, tag cloud, recent posts, recent comments, calendar, text , category listing, get in touch, contact us, feedback and Feedburner subscription.

To add with have your own logo image, display either a banner-ad image with link or a Google Adsense banner in the header and much more with this extremely cool Empire Textpattern template.

My Wishful Thoughts – Textpattern templates

Here is the ultimate, best yet one of the great looking blog templates – My Wishful thoughts Textpattern Template. My Wishful Thoughts a very flexible, easy to install and a unique template/theme to manage all your posts, pages and rich media as well as any other blogging CMS on the go. Get a good surfing feel to your website with this eye catching and soothing Textpattern template. A perfect Textpattern theme for journalists, authors, writers and for everyone who wishes to have an elegant website with valuable textual content organized all well in a productive way.

Sit Down Please Textpattern templates

Sit down please is a blog template as the name hints this striking yet pleasant Textpattern template makes all your website visitors stick to your blog with its interactive sand soothing outlook and user-friendly feature. No doubt the Sit down Please TextPatterns template will help you to create a professional looking website in just a couple of mouse clicks. Check out the features available with this free Sit Down Please Textpattern template, download and  quickly establish a personal or a company web site with a customized look all free of cost.

Green Dream Textpattern templates

Green Dream is truly a minimal template packed with a huge selection of functionalities and highly customizable features. Green Dream is sophisticatedly designed to work easily, interactively and beautifully on any website on the go besides being loaded with a great selection of icons, typography, colors, module positions and the list goes on. A simple, elegant, clean and green freebie Textpattern template you will certainly fall for!!!!

Profilo Textpattern templates

Profilo is a simple, elegant and clean Textpattern template designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. This free Textpattern theme/template comes packed with copious highly customizable features and amazing modern professional design to make all your visitors addict to your website/blog. As you can see, there really is a style to every part of this template!!! Truly wonderful Textpattern template for all the simplicity lovers out there!!!!!

Yoko Textpattern templates

Yoko a brand new beautiful, sleek Textpattern theme/template is one of the best website themes you have ever come across. This absolutely free Textpattern template comes with multitude customizable features and options to adorn your website/blog as you like with simple mouse clicks at the backend supporting your ideas or thoughts. The complete template can be altered and styled from mesh to meal, so you can’t go wrong with this free download.

Boast Textpattern templates


Boast as you can see is a free Textpattern template designed completely on a grayish blue background featuring a room for main flash image or slider, featured products, modules, logo and much more all in a limited small webpage space.

Not satisfied with the color??? No worries!!!

This Textpattern template comes in 10 color variations that can be set at the admin panel. To add with you can tweak with every aspect of this Textpattern template to add company logo, specify sections, categories, slideshow options, articles, content and all stuff with simple alterations at the backend. Hope you like this Textpattern template that is set all free, just for you!!!!!

 Ambience Textpattern templates

Ambience is one of the best of best Textpattern themes available in the market till date. A beautifully crafted Textpattern template/theme in dark tint to make your entire content/articles/featured product images standout of the rest.

It’s elegant and energizes all your website/blog visitors occupied and engaged. To add with a great, very simple, dynamic and powerful free Textpattern template for all businesses around to showcase essential work productively and effectively. Ideal for bloggers who wants that super dynamic kick and spice feel whilst retaining some elegance.

Txp- Lazy days Textpattern Theme

Txp- Lazy days Textpattern Theme is the shiny theme for Textpattern with a lot of goodness, gorgeous features that you can easily tailor it to your needs. A smooth, clean, flexible and resourceful Textpattern template that comes with simple positions, modules/widgets, and  even more simple use of color and typography making this template a must-have  business template.

No hassle and no fuss!!! There is a lot of amazing stuff hidden inside this Textpattern template. Download and start digging some……..

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