Top 20 Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes 2013

Top 20 Best Free & Premium WordPress Themes 2013

WordPress is making wonders since it is introduced allowing millions of designers/bloggers to make their websites go live in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, WordPress themes are one of the most important and impressive aspects that adorns any boring or blah WordPress powered website into some interesting and beautiful.

There may be pool of free WordPress themes around, but here we present you some of the 10 free, best and top WordPress themes. No matter what sort of blog or site you hold or plan to start, this roundup of 10 free WordPress themes are sure to splash a sense of positive impact to your website.


Avioncer – Free WordPress Theme

Bored of cluttered WebPages or blogs with too many blah and distracting elements???? Go for Avioncer- a free WordPress theme loaded with several aesthetic features including minimal design, simple optional panel, and logo upload option, featured images, set widget positions / titles and much more.

Avioncer free WordPress theme is definitely an interesting theme to splash some spice to all your WebPages/content that undoubtedly thrives to capture visitor’s attention.

Premium WordPress Theme #40739


























Happy to present you the Premium Fashion agency or Model web related amazing WordPress theme.

This WordPress them as you can see is designed on a dark background with menu tabs in white and turns pinks when hovered, good room for WordPress slideshow/gallery, Modules/widgets to showcase your content and website products/services in an exceptional way.

The pink and white hues on dark background with crystal clear product images can surely highlight any og your web domain on the go.

Download, install, tweak with the features and you are live online with exceptional WordPress theme on your side.


Frozen- Free WordPress Theme

Want to blog in style???  Frozen is here for you – a responsive, user-friendly, good-looking yet free WordPress theme loaded with multiple drop down menus, widget areas, supports images, galleries, links, descriptions and much more, which doesn’t cost you a penny.

Present and highlight all your website’s subject/content/images/programs/events or stuff in a professional and effective way using this free Frozen WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme #40642



























Looking for some incredibly beautiful WordPress templates/themes to perfectly blend in with your WordPress powered website???? You will find exactly what you are looking for with this exceptionally beautiful Premium WordPress template built-in with a precise purpose from the idealization.

A beautiful WordPress template designed keeping elegance and delicateness in mind, perfect for any e-commerce website out there.

No second thoughts go for it!!!!

Greavort Free WordPress Themes

This free Greavort WordPress theme uses a simple, clean straight-forward design, customizable admin options allowing you to showcase all your product images/content/stuff in a well organized and effective way. With the slider/gallery at center stage this free WordPress theme can certainly help you to attract new spectators and engage already existing visitors and gain attention to your work and website as a whole.

WordPress Theme #40353


























Here we present you one of the best of best WordPress themes best suits for any ecommerce website ranging from a small to large scale business to stock all your products/services in an outstanding and incredible way.

This theme features a big room space to deliver the main subject of your website through the slider, flash image/product while the modules/widgets helps you to organize all your content and information in a well organized style.

Check out!!!!

Esquire Free WordPress Themes

Esquire is one of the few WordPress themes inspired from the art direction Esquire magazine is crafted to go perfectly with any WordPress powered websites with its simple, sophisticated and elegant typography and layout that you’ll definitely fall for. Post videos, links, quotes, images, asides and galleries and much more; Overall a stylish, distinctive and free WordPress theme to dress up your posts.

WordPress Theme #40357


























This Premium WordPress theme backs a good border detailing across all its sides in green, space for company logo, elegant menu tabs, room for flash/banner image/slider or gallery, multiple other modules/widgets, social media integration, multiple footer widgets for presenting all your content/products/services/stuff in a  structured fashion.

The white background with green borders highlights the contents and product images more intensively.

Highly recommended!!!!

Photolistic Free WordPress Themes

Here is another readymade free WordPress theme touting minimal portfolio design that simply features amazing pictures with fairly larger thumbnails with no messy side bars, texts and knick knacks, targeted for photographers and bloggers.

This free WordPress theme is one the best and free WordPress themes you can go for to completely change the look and feel of your blog or site, making it more attractive, interactive, and informative as you want even before with slideshow/gallery as the background or as banner space.

Premium WordPress Theme #40352





















Premium WordPress Theme #40352 is an awesome, creative, ultra-modern business template for WordPress based on the catchy dark brown frame-like structure highlighting all of the website’s products/services/stuff.

A clean fresh WordPress template that works wonders for any ecommerce business websites powered on WordPress that requires a simple, yet effective layout design altogether.

Pep-up your WordPress websites with this wonderful WordPress Premium Themes!!!!

Castilia Free WordPress Themes

Castilia is one of the most brand new, excellent, fully customizable, bright and brilliant free WordPress theme tested to work exceptionally well with any multisite or latest version of WordPress. Everything is beautifully crafted and is fully responsive to boot in this free WordPress theme. Use all your favorite widgets and draw attention to your best articles and content.

WordPress Theme #40424
















A beautiful yet delicious premium WordPress template focused on highlighting all of your website’s products/services/information besides having a superb design layout with every detail made to perfection.

Turn your websites into a vehicle marketplace through this great, effective yet premium WordPress template.

Perfect for your next business based website!!!!

Danko Free WordPress Themes

Danko is another minimalistic, responsive and definitely a standard blogging design with a clear scattered content and room for widgets  to guide visitors straight-forwardly. While, much of the space is dedicated to the cover image; thus this free WordPress them could be ideal for any NGO, sports, model agency or other commercial websites to highlight the people or products more dynamically.

WordPress Theme #40351























WordPress Theme #40351 as you can see is a premium WordPress theme that is loaded with everything that a website needs to function incredibly awesome.

The classic clean design layout with intuitive features is constructed to suit any and every WordPress websites in a remarkable way to wow your visitors.

Have  a visit, download and enjoy!!!!

Wide Photo Free WordPress Themes

If you want your site visitors to pay maximum attention to your main subject or work of the website and shell out a few bucks????  Here is the Wide Photo free WordPress theme is here for you offering a wealth of additional features. This free theme offers the ability to manipulate the design of the blog with great ease and no coding knowledge. Make your content/website layout shine with this free WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme #40362




















WordPress Theme #40362 is a clean and professional Joomla! Template built to go well with any corporate, business, personal site, blog, or any kind of food, café or restaurant related websites.

To add with, this Premium WordPress template is designed to be flexible, lightweight and fast besides being designed in a unique structure for the content/layout to be visitors friendly and interactive.

A great WordPress template to go!!!

Game Speed Free WordPress Themes

Game Speed is a professional, clean, effective, minimal and free WordPress theme packed with set of amazing customizable features including drop down menus, impressive layout, flash image, texts, thumbnails, social media icons, and much more that allows you to create simple blogs /sites without messing with code. If looking for a free WordPress theme solution for your commercial or corporate business then this theme could be it!!!!

WordPress Theme #40435



















WordPress Theme #40435 is an attractive WordPress theme especially dedicated to software, business and ecommerce websites.

Built in with the marvelous simple structure featuring a large space for widgets, modules, product images, product description, slider, all across a bright orange background makes this Premium WordPress template special and a good place to be for all your website visitors.

A readymade Premium WordPress theme just for you!!!!

Spectre Free WordPress Theme

Spectre Free WordPress Theme is an amazing feature-packed free business theme to serve any commercial and corporate business websites on the go. moreover, this free WordPress theme is integrated with a classic looking homepage layout featuring a very slick image slideshow/gallery, beautiful widgets, distinctive header, drop down main and sub menus, and much more, all customizable.

WordPress Theme #40433

Last but not least, is our another best of best Premium WordPress themes – Theme #40433- now, get your WordPress website live as easy as with a few mouse clicks.

This Premium WP theme has all the exceptional features you might need to set a professional ecommerce website.

You are just a few mouse clicks away!!!!




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