Best 10 responsive photography & art Joomla templates – 2013

CLCO Responsive Joomla Template


Cico Joomla Template is a modern responsive theme with a great platform that enhances the display of your artistic works like photography and any other related business website. It has a hot layout and stunning features such as full width and box layout, browser compatibility, Excellent hover effects and animations as well as awesome sliders with transitions.

Jared Mayers Bootstrap Responsive Joomla Template


Jared Mayers Joomla Template is a responsive theme is a suitable choice for artists, photographers and designers who need to showcase their works of art with through a stunning layout and robust features. It offers tabs, tag cloud and tooltips as well as a bootstrap framework, full with / box layout, back to top button, Calendar and Cufon Text Replacement.

Damon Salvatore Responsive Joomla Template

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Joomla Template is a responsive theme suitable for showcasing artistic works on the virtual market. Portfolio websites benefit from the elegant crafting of the layout and robust features that are available. Facilities available include image carousels, 4 column portfolio, browser compatibility, cool sliders and sticky icon to reach page top.

Mark Avonce Responsive Joomla Template


Mark Avons Joomla Template is a responsive theme designed to suit portfolio websites in order to showcase your creative works in style. This improves online visibility with clients because of the cool layout and creative features that are available in the template. Features include a multi option navigation menu, simple contact form, Google maps integration and a 4 column filterable portfolio.

Jane Gilbert Responsive Joomla Template


Jane Gilbert Joomla Template is a responsive theme provides an elegant design with creative features and an attractive layout that will guarantee the show stopping display of your art and photography business in the virtual market. Features incorporated include HTML 5and JS interface, multi option navigation menu, sorting and filterable portfolio and a full screen slideshow.

Mark Lorain Responsive Joomla Template

mark lorain

Mark Lorain Joomla template is a responsive theme enhances your website portfolio with its stunning theme that grabs attention of visitors and clients alike. It has an attractive background in a fluid layout and offers a host of cool features like a 4 column portfolio, dazzling sliders for images, Google maps integration and social networking links.

Alan Smith Responsive Joomla Template


Alan Smith Responsive Joomla Template is a theme suitable for any art and photography related portfolio websites. It has a catchy layout and together with an array of exciting features that enable you to showcase your artistic creativity in a stunning display to the world. Some of the available facilities include an image carousel, bookmarking icons for sharing posts, 4 column portfolio and navigation with drop down menus.

David Burton Responsive Joomla Template


David Burton Joomla template is a responsive theme that is suitable for the photography business on a platform that displays images of beauty and style. It has an elegant layout with strong features that allow for the design of a stunning photography or related website. Features include light box for images, imposing sliders and a portfolio with 4 columns.

Photo Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template


Photoportfolio joomla Template is a responsive theme that is suitable for showing of an excellent portfolio as well as photo works. It has a stunning interface and trend setting features including full width/box layout, browser compatibility and is mobile friendly. In addition, there is a customizable 2 to 4 column portfolio and Google maps integration.

Portfolio Responsive Joomla Template


Portfolio joomla Template is a modern and attractive theme that allows you to highlight your photography in a stunning display of beauty. It is suitable for making art and photography websites and offers a cool layout with creative features such as different page templates, awesome accordion sliders, a Login account and catchy hover effects.