11 Best Wonderful MODx CMS Based Websites 2013

11 Best Wonderful MODx CMS Based Websites 2013

MODx an extendable content management system on which plethora of websites are built that perform exceptionally well in search engines.

This free open source new generation CMS loaded with PHP Application Framework functionality and extensive API and event model allows you to override core behavior to build extensively complex to simple elegant websites/blog just as easily as a pie.

Here’s a bit of interesting trivia for you, the 10 beat and wonderful MODx CMS based websites.

Seeing really is believing; that really sounds too good to be true in this scenario, so here you can have a look at 10 bets websites made using MODx CMS.



ODEZHDAZWEZD is a blog all about celebrities and their clothing, style, shoes, hairstyles and much more designed on the MODx CMS framework.

As you can see, this MODx website has a very trendy and stylish outlook with catchy red hot background, social media integration, simple limited menu tabs, and room for photo downloads, contacts, sitemap, multiple discussion modules/widgets, articles with features photos, and much more.

Truly a entertaining blog with fashionable hues, well organized content to get inspired!!!


BLOGOTVORENIE is a site all about blogging, steps how to create and promote exceedingly good personal blog in the creative process.

As you can see, this MODx based website has a colorful and energizing outlook giving a fresh and confident feel besides being loaded with a big sized company logo accompanied with a short slogan, menu tabs, social media integration, integrated search filter module in all its main and landing pages.

Take time to check out all the aspects of this website and get inspired to build a brand new website/blog in just few minutes!!!!

Orange objects MODx CMS website

Orange objects website is a corporate website build on MODx CMS framework that deals with functional interfaces between systems and the development of client-server applications.

There is a much to say about this website as it is clocked in with beautiful and super simple website layout that just simply easy to follow and understand on the go.

A right inspiration for your project!!!


ONGLES ET VOUS is a nail stylist website that is completely dedicated to inform users about the nails, nail courses, services, products, galleries, images and much more.

This stylish catchy website is fashionably designed on the MODx CMS framework filled in with feminine pinky light hues to grab attention from all the girls around.

Refer the websites picture to see the beauty of this website, the header is filled with company logo, slogan and contact information, darkish pink menu tabs, room for flash images, multiple widgets/modules, advertisements and much more spaciously.

Mademyday MODx CMS website

mademyday.everyday. is a blog of Marc Hinse, a web designer and web developer where topis about web designing, internal, magpie, experiences, kabelBW are discussed in an interactive way.

This website is designed using the MODx CMS framework in an unusual and outstanding way making its way to stand out from the regularly fashioned websites.

Starting a new website???? Get inspired!!!!


Retro Jordan Shoes provides classic website designed using the MODx CMS framework easily adapted to display services, updates and much more ina clear and self explanatory way with an attractive, darkish gradient ambiance that changes colors to reflect website mood.

This MODx powered website is a great inspiration for those planning to set up an online or IT services, projecting web-savvy reliability backed up by easy-to-access text and pictorial evidence.


BURBERRY OUTLET is a Burberry online bags store that is loaded with countless product images with titles, pricing, discount pricing all in rows and columns.

Interesting isn’t??? This amazingly elegant and clean website is built around MODx CMS framework with infinitely expandable drop-down menu capacity, making it a great pick for content storage and for organizing products by subject. Despite, or rather because of its minimalism, BURBERRY OUTLET gives a clear picture of everything it needs to stand out.

Want to stock all your products in the same way??? MODx CMS framework will give you all the lights and action necessary to make your content/products/stuff/ an instant hit.

darkstardesign MODx CMS website

Dark, matte and intense, darkstardesign has the concrete feel of a quality camera, with company logo and main menu tabs glowing in the header, lots of room dedicated to the main subject, content, widgets of the website, and rest of the content glowing in contrast.

Truly a relatively straightforward website constructed using the MODx CMS framework; This MODx CMS based website could also be used as an inspiration to build personal blog, corporate website or any portfolio or showcase.

Toasted Digital MODx CMS website

Toasted Digital is an eye catching and one of the best of best MODx CMS based websites around with its shrewd allocation of space, attention to detail in layout, and extensive, professional menus extending from the header, excellent theme, and corresponding layouts are simple enough.

This website has an informative layout  that casts its most intricate subtleties into light making it perfect MODx CMS inspiration for the up-and-coming creative professional websites with a new layer of dialogue to your online display.

tmg MODx CMS website

TMG is a professional website specialized in print, environemnetal and web design for business and non profits created using the MODx CMS framework with attractive soft backdrop that presents information and displays content like no other.

This MODx CMS powered website provides a lovely background for creative work, displays its subject in a simple yet clear-cut way.

Highly recommended MODx CMS inspiration for bloggers, designers, website owners to make an excellent local business website, giving a charming glimpse into confectioneries, boutiques, salons, day spas, gadgets, gizmos and much more.

Newpg MODx CMS website

Newpg is a website all about corporate web sites, portals, directories, online shopping, visitor statics, website worth, types of site and much more information.

Built on MODx CMS this website is compact, shiny and up to date and  standard of excellence in corporate websites floating with attractive  menus, central slider making room for pictorial depiction of stock. With its clean and elegant appearance this is perfect pick for small companies, educational firms, ecommerce and almost any website committed to put all its products/services in an easy way.

Whether it’s the basics you’re craving or you seek to modernize, this website is a reliable, professional, and timeless pick to get inspired and create amazing website/blog.

Click into the world of MODx CMS and create amazing website/blogs lodging content in a dreamy venue. Nobody who visits will be able to look away!!!

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