10 Best WordPress Based Websites 2013

10 Best WordPress Based Websites 2013

With WordPress creating huge hype and popularity across the web, its winning hearts of many general inexperienced designers an opportunity to flexibly and liberally start-up a website or blog in matter of minutes. Keeping WordPress revolution in mind, here we present you 10 most best free WordPress based websites that will hopefully inspire you for your next project.


It is one of the most famous and reputed WordPress based website that is dedicated to showcase only WordPress theme designs.

This WordPress based website features minimal widgets with most of the space dedicated to the flash images of the stocked WordPress themes, advertisements, social integration, and other interesting widgets to get inspired from.

Vtravelled blog

Vtravelled blog is another best of best WordPress based website completely dedicated to travels the whole website is beautifully laid out with a big room devoted to a slideshow showcasing all the latest and essential travel related clicks with beautiful descriptions and title. While, rest of the blog talks about important vacation and recreation places to eat, dine and roam around.

Simple, elegant and enthusiastic WordPress website!!!!

Francesco Mungai 

Francesco Mungai is an extremely well crafted and constructive website blog run by a web and graphic designer unveiling all the creative ideas, work collection and tutorials. This WordPress based website features a unique elegant layout, a slider, room to showcase all the featured articles, latest events listings, work collections and more that is easily understandable and explicable.

OH SHE glows – glow from the inside out

OH SHE glows is an amazing website features many yummy and delicious vegetarian recipes leaving meat, dairy, and fatty products at bay by Angelina Liddon to improve eating habits and well being of readers all the way.

This gorgeous website is integrated with a very catchy and elegant company logo, recopies explained all in detail with appropriate big sized pictures accompanied with articles, social media icons matching the logo, recent posts and other great modules set out well.

Truly a very inspiring WordPress based website!!!!

The Perse school

Here is another beautiful website that used WordPress as CMS designed keeping simplicity in mind – The Perse School – a 400 year old reputed historic school knows for its exceptional academic merit and extracurricular movement. The Perse School is a full featured WordPress based Website equipped with a pleasant layout featuring effective homepage slider, featured images with pertinent content, and other modules.

Citizen Cope

Citizen cope is an official website run by American songwriter and producer Clarence Greenwood (stage name – Citizen Cope). This innovatively designed simple WordPress based Citizen Cope CMS-style website showcases all its work in effective and easily understandable  manner using clear menus, a big flash image, videos, photos,  social integrations and other modules for a more easy-to-browse and inspirational site.

Amala Foundation

Amala Foundation is a humanitarian service org website to encourage and serve youth of the world including refugee, immigrant child, poor, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence providing a space to heal, express and share their stories and connect with supportive community.

This WordPress based website is embedded with good reality pictures in slideshow accompanied with description box, a donate now bar to collect donations, featured projects content, and promote the charitable work more productively.

Dusty Cartridge

Dusty Cartridge provides high quality consistent content, editorial articles, reviews, previews, features, videos, podcasts, round-ups and more within gaming community. This WordPress based website is constructed strikingly using custom taxonomies, featured gaming images, custom Meta boxes, threaded comments, social integration and several other plugin to present well-furnished and user friendly style website.

Simple but very intuitive WordPress based website!!!!!


Pousta is one of the most amazing and beautifully designed WordPress based digital magazine website that is sure to be get noticed and splash some inspiration.

This WordPress website presents all its design, advertising, fashion, music, trends, and more all integrated in the Flash slideshow, widgets, featured images accompanied with articles, social media integration, and more. The homepage is truly amazing while the landing pages being more interactive and clear.

Wolverine Worldwide 

Wolverine WorldWide is a reputed WordPress based Website dedicated to advance the footwear and apparel portfolios using the WordPress CMS to promote its brand. This one of the best WordPress website features room for flash image, slideshows and many other widgets to showcase all its latest products effectively and productively.


Thus, WordPress with its ease of use and versatility opens doors to the Virtual universe that allows users to install, customize, and work with. The above mentioned 10  best/top WordPress based Websites are sure to lure you to download and install some amazing and interesting WordPress themes, Slideshows, Galleries and other plugins to your existing WP websites.

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