10 Best free open source Content Management systems (CMS) 2013

In this heavily expanding digital age creating a highly modern, stylish and easily customizable website is a rage, fashion and more importantly a definite need. Let it be a small enterprise or large scale industry every firm has its own website popping out online.

The common question that rises is the difficulties of coding and programming that consumes lots of time and money.

However, now creating website is a very easy task as there are many open source CMS platforms made available of which many may be exceedingly complicated or may be simply easy-to-use. Thus, in this article best free open source CMS 2013 we have listed CMS’s that are well known, easy to use and more significantly open source CMS.

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There is one king in any kingdom likewise; in CMS WordPress is the ruler. WordPress is a high-tech, ultra-modern and flexible CMS platform that is undeniably one of the most popular, best and favorite CMS and blogging platform out in the market. This easy-to-use CMS is both free and open source with focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability to incorporate healthy website ecosystem with countless plug-ins and create amazingly beautiful websites and blogs as you like.

Revitalize the appearance of the widgets, appearance and entire website as you like!!!!!

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Joomla is one of the dynamic, high-quality, esteemed and award-winning content management system (CMS) that facilitates anyone and everyone to create gorgeous, good-looking, amazing, beautiful and highly-functional blog system Web sites or powerful online applications.

Moreover, this free and open source Joomla CMS is easy to use and extensible to easily execute all your work/products/content/articles/stuff online moderately-advanced websites with absolutely no knowledge of PHP.

Joomla is all a blogger needs, make your life easier!!!!!

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Now, create, manage, organize, and power tons of different website with Drupal a free CMS which supports a variety of content on websites ranging from personal web blogs to large community-driven websites.  This readymade, extendable and great all-round CMS Drupal comes with many tools, options, to help users express their opinions and engage with one another.

Use as-is or snap in with the features accordingly!!!!



Here is another excellent, free and open source CMS, TYPO3 well known for its stability, easy-to-use interface and large support community where no coding from scratch is required. This ideal CMS offers tons of add-ons apt for multi-location dynamic web portals with a large development team. Moreover, Tweak with the TYPO3 CMS options to adorn your website as you like supporting your needs and requirements. Thus, TYPO3 is a better-quality CMS and one of the best website frameworks available across the globe.

Install, have control over view, administer, publish, content options, and your blog, corporate or personal website, as well as any type of publication will be up in few minutes!!!!!


Textpattern is a free, open source, light weight, clean interface and flexible CMS at the same time easy to use and operate with.

This highly usable and interactive CMS comes with several options, multi-language support, built-in site statistics, tag based template system and much to create multitude and varied blogs, corporate & personal websites or any other type of publications in a clean, nice looking.

Build exceptionally awesome websites in a matter of minutes with no custom programming or need to start from scratch every time you build a new site, either. Textpattern simply a must have and must try CMS to engage users and increase traffic!!!!!!

CMS Made Simple

Don’t like hacking around with the underlying codes and programs that spices  up your website then here is one of the top CMS the CMS made simple system all just for you.

CMS Made Simple as the name hints is a brand new CMS system that has received million of positive feedback and burgeoned popularity despite being introduced late in 2009.

This CMS system facilitates users to fiddle around with the codes and programming to develop and customize a website without having to deal with a lot of technical nonsense.


Here we present you another top, best, free, open source CMS – Concrete5- that is targeted to make it possible for anyone and everyone to build and manage a website without have to spend lavishly on both time and money.

Concrete5 features file manager with bulk upload, drag-n-drop layout editor, an open marketplace of add-ons and much more making it easy to connect your website to other sites and services all across the web.

Ultimate time and money saving solution giving an instant identity to website, developers, site owners, designers!!!!


MODx is a sophisticated content management system ideal for power users who wants to make large dynamic websites. This ultimate and modern MODx helps you take complete control over all of the content/products/articles and stuff exactly how you want and make them 100% supporting your ideas with zero restrictions.

MODx is a super simple; developer-friendly, faster and powerful CMS loaded with endless list of awesome features and is definitely worth checking out and a solid choice for individuals looking to develop a website who have little to no programming know-how.


Umbraco is another open source, free to use full featured CMS platform best suited for those companies ranging from small campaigns or brochure sites to big sites hugely popular among corporate includes boasting Heinz, SanDisk and the pop group. It’s simply easy to use making it ideal for designers, website owners, developers, or content creators alike to seamlessly integrate design and live website in just a few minutes.


The SilverStripe CMS is a flexible, featured rich open source Content Management System offering an elegant user interface and simpler user management that is truly simple where is there is no software required to install or programming required.

Silverstripe is a no-fluff, with strengths being its flexible and adaptable workflow, very good security, extensibility, high usability and flexibility, all set to empower thousands of organizations, and companies around the world including blogs, webshops, and internal websites.