10 Top Best Free & Premium Top Magento Powered Websites 2013

Magento one of the fastest growing and popular open source ecommerce solution for all the leading brands out in the market, with hundreds and thousands websites go live every day.

Are you interested in Top Magento-powered sites or blogs selling products/services online? Showcasing the very best in Magento design and development!!!

Here is the review of 10 beautifully designed truly amazing Magento Themes. However, it’s been too long since we’ve reviewed truly inspiring Magento stores. It’s so exciting & nice to see all the best collection of gorgeous and original Magento-driven sites altogether. Hopefully you get inspired looking at these creative Magento websites/blogs.

Bare & Beautiful

Bare and Beautiful is a basic health and lifestyle website loaded with a large selection of traditionally handmade soap products using the Hot Process method using only the finest plant & vegetable oils suitable for everybody but especially kids and those with sensitive skins.

The website is just awesomely and superbly designed, with attractive header while main menu tabs being the highlight of the website. To add with, the flash banner is another attractive piece of work worth praising. There are a lot many other luring elements associated in this website. Please do have a look at the entire Magento powered website and get inspired!!!

Silk Wedding Designs

Silk wedding designs specialized in creating the most beautiful wedding flowers and wide range of wedding accessories to complement your special days are handcrafted to create most designs in your choice of colors especially for you.

This Magento CMS based website not only publishes its portfolio of products but also gives visitors a choice to choose and plan things for the big day.  No doubt this website used Magento CMS keeping elegance and simplicity in mind. A super simple yet cool Magento CMS website!!!!

Mini Face

The MiniFace website has all the  most delusional personalized gift for all occasions including birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, corporate gifts, business gifts and much more.

This Magento powered Website is a mix match of elegance, colors, dark, bright and many other elements making it to stand out of the rest website out there. Everyone wants to find the most original and exciting website/blog. Look no further. It is you who have the best idea; go for Magento CMS and design your website in your own way.

Shop Sucre

Shop Sucre is a sweet boutique loaded with lip smacking delicious sweets all over the website in an appealing and yummy way, using the Magento CMS framework.

Have a look at the website, how beautifully the sweet boutique has been designed all over the plain white background highlighting  the all the sweets, cookies, macarons well organized in good sized flash images, featured product images, main menu and much more.

Get inspired!!!


Here we present you another best Magento based website designed elegantly and strikingly to make you fall for this beautiful Magento CMS website at the very first glance.

As you can see, this website has dedicated a lot of space to the flash banner images, featured product images accompanied with simple cute main menu options.

Fabulloso is undoubtedly a wonderful creation using Magento CMS where the vast possibilities of Flash accurately reflect the ethos of a consumer brand within a website to make all visitors understand the art & philosophy it symbolizes within a few minutes of touring the site.


Kirnazabete is a e-commerce website that is filled in with contemporary and elegant look, conveying key features of the brand in a more effective way.

The stylish color scheme, along with simple bold text, the readable layout of the shopping cart and checkout pages, the usable navigation and informative product descriptions all make a slick and friendly shopping experience impact all the way.

Highly recommended Magento website!!  Get inspired!!!!


Kookai is another amazing ecommerce store that stocks dresses, tops, jackets, coats, knit wear, skirts, trousers, shorts, shirts, blouses, accessories and much more in a clear cut and simple way.

The design of this Magento powered store stands out for sure. The vibrant acid colors, insane typography and product images accompanied with pricing, and descriptions will leave you anything but cold.

Get inspired and inspire others!!!!

Mathew Williamson

Mathew Williamson produces beautiful sustainably developed goodies in a clear layout using soft natural colors and subtle typography making this Magento CMS powered website look modern and eco-friendly.

As you can see, there are a lot many options featured on the homepage including news, videos, images, best dressed, book and more for a very clear cut and easy to go shopping experience all the way.

Have a look and get cool tips out of the stuff!!!

Derek Rose

Darek rose is an awesome website entirely dedicated for Men, stocking all the products ranging from sleep wear to accessories, slippers, lounge wear and more.

This Magento powered website is loaded with a creative visualization and a well-implemented shopping mechanism make for a wonderful e-commerce shopping experience for all the visitors.

Get inspired to revamp and power up your Magneto based website now!!!


Mobar is the best and best of the entire Magneto CMS website collection that is trendily and stylishly designed in an outstanding and overwhelming way.

No more comments!!! Please do visit the site and experience the feel, the whole layout is made in such a way to keep visitors stick and be a part of the website.

I just want you to checkout this awesome website and create amazing and great websites better than presented here.

Best of luck!!!

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