10 Top Best High Quality Magento Premium Templates/Themes 2013

Magento has is one of the very big e-solution players aimed at all the smaller and larger companies for marketing, promotional and SEO tools; analytics and reporting; mobile commerce; catalog-management tools where all the Magento users have the freedom to customize their store with new themes, templates and plug-ins.

With such hype for Magento in market, we present you a showcase of excellent Premium Magento templates, by far the best magento templates around for your e-commerce business to serve you either as an inspiration for your themes, or as the foundation for your customized themes.

Stop paying thousands to have one template done at such quality, this collection of 10 top best high quality magento premium templates 2013 is definitely a one-stop solution for all who are hunting for simple, high quality, amazing, gorgeous and premium Magento templates.

Travel Premium Magento theme

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Travel Premium Magento theme is a flexible and a high quality Magento Theme with clear presentation of work/products/services using a big fat banner/flash image, features images with appropriate information, multiple widgets/modules besides being a very easy to customize Magento theme.

This magento template is sure to bring a more corporate look and feel to your website with a clean and simple design.

Clothes store Premium Magento theme

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Clothes store Premium Magento theme is clear, easy to customize Magento template loaded with many new features including cute menu tabs, powerful admin module, amazing slideshow, new products display on homepage, multiple modules/widgets and so on.

This Magento template is one of the most powerful and flexible templates around that can be used for various site functions, from portal to realty site or community site.

Summer wedding Premium Magento theme

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Summer wedding Premium Magento theme is a flexible and a high quality Magento Theme that’s just clear and easy to customize besides providing a powerful admin module to set parameters easily. This magento template has a best showcase of all its products/services in a crystal clear and straight forward fashion without any messy things around. Summer wedding Premium Magento theme is one of the best Magento templates with beautiful navigation system and execution of products.

Sun Premium Magento theme

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Here is a clean and pure Sun Premium Magento theme that is perfect for anyone who wants just a template without the bells and whistles.

A fantastic high quality Magento template for any and very ecommerce website out there, to add with this template is very easy to install and configure with minimal maintenance. All you need to do is just download, install, tweak with and enjoy!!!

Luxary Linen Premium Magento theme

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Luxary Linen Premium Magento theme is loaded with a lush color scheme made up white and pink combination. The template has a smooth plain white background and has used pink in slogans, and other places to highlight the importance of the products/services, besides featuring a big room space for a slideshow, featured product images, tabs, and other modules/widgets.

Simple!! Simpler!!! Simplest!!! Magento theme!!!!

Photo Premium Magento theme

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Photo Premium Magento theme is a super awesome magento template that is designed in any outstanding way owning modern design layout that delivers a clean and clear view to your website customers.

This magento template is a very useful yet resourceful template that is just bright and striking which can bring a bit of light and soul sun to any ecommerce website.

Lingerie Premium Magento theme

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Here is a Lingerie Premium Magento theme – an intelligible and easy to customize template full of new features including drop down menu, slideshow, highlight of newest products on homepage and so on, all across a bright purple background.

This template will best fit for clothing store, fashion store and any magento store which needs modernity and fashionable outlook all the way.

Organic cosmetics Premium Magento theme

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Organic cosmetics Premium Magento theme is a brand new Magento theme to showcase all your essential art work/photography/products/services/stuff online in a more interactive and easy to understand fashion.

Designed using pleasant green and white combination, images and texture makes layout bright, neat, glamour, and luxurious which definitely will abate your visitors eye eyes.

Bachus Premium Magento theme

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Bachus Premium Magento theme is glamours yet luxurious high quality Magento theme designed to display all your website services/products exceptionally.

Decorated all across a wooden style background which highlights and enhances focus to all the essential stocked products, thus this fabulous magento theme is going to add soul and essence to your products all the way.

A clean, yet catchy, luxurious and glamour Magento template!!!!

Food Store Premium Magento theme

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If you want to have a simple, elegant yet smooth going Magento template, then Food Store Premium Magento theme, is for you. A clean, bright layout and well structured arrangement of recipes/products/services makes user browsing /shopping experience much easier.

Magneto template with a simple white background, skilful delicious images and texture making your customers go hunger, excited and convinced to check your yummy recipes all the way.