10 Top Best Joomla Powered Websites 2013

Best Joomla websites is a list of cool joomla powered websites. Please submit your joomla site there if you want to get listed there.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS programs to build web sites, portals, internets and ecommerce stores. Joomla not only blends perfectly with business and corporate websites but also gets well with any fun related and other entertaining websites. Here in this post, we present you 10 best joomla websites 2013 that match or sometimes exceeds regular CSS website all powered with Joomla. Enjoy and get inspired!!!!!

Here are 10 best Websites built with Joomla:

The Hill

The Hill is a reputed electronic news publisher in Washington, D.C with 11 blogs dedicated to specific political and policy issues.

This joomla based website is one of the most heavily traffic websites – the hill – as you can see is loaded with loads and loads of articles accompanied with featured images, video and social media integration, multiple modules, blogs and loads more.

Truly, a perfect example to cast how easy it is to work with joomla to execute tons of content in a well organized and efficient manner.

Impact wrestling

One of the most exciting and striking joomla websites is here – the Impact wrestling joomla website – how terrifically the website layout has been made mind-blowing isn’t it???

Definitely a different and creatively designed website using Joomla CMS, featuring interesting multiple modules, videos, slideshows, social media integration, featured images with content, and other interesting aspects concerning wrestling.

Take this joomla based website as an inspiration and build your upcoming websites more innovatively and unusually.


Linux is another one of the best and heavily traffic dense joomla based website which is the central source to facilitate all the information pertaining to Linux.

As you can see, this Linux Joomla website is simple, light, neat and soberly designed with minimal menus, a pleasant slider to showcase images, another slider to present articles, latest stories, latest questions, tutorials and other multiple modules, videos, social media integration and many more.


Here we present you one of the most famous and well rated website the Quizilla, which millions of page viewers per month. This joomla based website as you can see is made simple and neat without overloading loads of content heavily and more of it is all about taking quiz, stories, polls, poems, lyrics, games, and stuff. To be more precise, this joomla website has been organized well with simple menu titles and sub menus to read/post the content easily.

Rocket Theme

Here is one of the 10 top joomla websites – Rocket Theme (2.5 million page views per month) – that caters premium professional themes and templates for Open Source platforms such as joomla, WordPress, drupal, magneto, phpbb3 and more.

Talking about this joomla based website, the layout is simple in black with orange colored menu buttons, a slider presenting all the themes with features, while rest of the website includes featured images with pertaining content supporting the images, multiple modules, social media integration and more.

Paris Cheap Hotel

Paris Cheap Hotel is a reputed travel & tourism site dedicated to facilitate information concerning to Paris for booking cheap hotels in Paris – the capital city of France full of monuments, historic centers and museums.

As you can see, this joomla based website has a clean and elegant design featuring a flash image with content scattered all over in respective modules for easy reference, while the landing pages are all loaded with featured image and pertaining content.

Great right!!!!!


Cricbuzz as the name hints is a cricket oriented website constructed around Joomla CMS. This is one of the most popular joomla based website around loaded with immense content pertaining to Cricket.

This joomla website holds good amount of space for main menu tabs, advertisements, latest in news with featured images, schedules in line, opinion poll, and many other interesting widgets.


This joomla based website is again a sports oriented website completely filled in loads of loads of widgets, a flash image banner, featured images with respective content, and more. This joomla website is the best example to show how website can be loaded with loads of data all in segregated form that is just easy to navigate.

Baglar Saray 

Baglar Saray is one of the most excellent and reputed hotels in Safranbolu. This user friendly website is beautifully crafted in a dark background highlighting every aspect of the hotel in bright colorful slider, minimal widgets, menu and social media integration. Simply a minimal, sleek yet exceptionally built joomla based website!!!



SuperStrands website home for the hair extension specialists is one of the best joomla based webistes that is crafted well using social media icons, interesting modules, flash images, elegant menu bar, latest products and more. A simply simpler website designed out of joomla.

Thus, Joomla is a flexible and easy to use CMS to showcase all your exceptional content/images/work/stuff all well organized and structured, brining in life to your content.

From the above listed 10 best joomla based websites, it is obvious that joomla can be used to stuff loads and tons of stuff, or keep it minimal, simple, complex, colorful, interesting, just as you want it to be. Visit http://vm.xmlswf.com for free joomla templates, free joomla slideshows or free joomla galleries and more.

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