15 Best Free & Premium Expression Engine Templates 2013

15 Best Free & Premium Expression Engine Templates 2013

Expression Engine is one of the hot selling and a robust popular content management system that has image galleries, mailing lists, and other useful aspects usable for big and small websites.

Expression Engine CMS is the highly effective and simplest to use commercial product with open source option and has been a great choice for companies like Apple, Sony, Disney, WB, Ford, and Nokia that combines a commercial product with open source code.

A perfect CMS with good commercial elements that includes a dedicated development and support while the open source being open, public, and extensible.

Thus, we present you 15 best free & premium Expression Engine templates 2013 to fit into any or every website/blog out there.

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Murasaki Free Expression Engine Template

Murasaki is one of the best yet free Expression Engine template a clean, spacious theme specifically built to showcase your business, services or products in an exceptional and outstanding manner.

Featuring a stunning header with awesome layout and a logo is what that makes this free Expression Engine template stand out from the rest, while the widgets, main menu form other visual strikers.

Truly an inspiring web template to fall for!!!!

PhotoStudio Free Expression Engine Template

Now, manage single or multiple websites loaded with advanced control panel, high security protection, and great flexibility with the PhotoStudio – one of the best Expression Engine templates to suit any niche especially great for photographers or photography enthusiasts.

PhotoStudio Expression Engine Template is a very easy going yet free Expression Engine Template to display all your exceptional or essential work/product images/articles/stuff in an interactive and user-friendly manner.

Optimize Expression Engine Template

Optimize is another great Expression Engine theme/template that is all set to express your ideas and thoughts through your website/blog in a more productive and effective way.

The theme looks exceptionally stunning and functional to impress all your visitors of your website on the very first go despite displaying your products/services in fashionable and organized way.

Gibe more insight to your products with the featured slideshow, flexible layout, custom homepage, integrated Lightbox, backend theme options, cross-browser compatibility, auto-sizing thumbnails, documentation and more.

Template 7  Free Expression Engine Template

Here we present you another robust yet free Expression Engine template the Template 7 that makes it easy to create a robust site featuring related Entries at the bottom of each article, Styled Search Results, Styled Comments, and much more.

Use this Template for any of your upcoming or existing projects as it is very easy to create/modify and manipulate the entire outlook of the template without compromising on both performance and presentation aspects.

Love this template and the template will love you more!!!!!

 Fresh News theme for Expression Engine

Fresh news Expression Engine Template is one of the best selling and popular theme ideal for any Expression Engine based website/blog.

This premium Expression Engine Template features various styles, SEO support, Gravatar support, with myriad customizable backend options, cross browser compatibility, auto-sizing thumbnail options and much more for beautiful execution of all your work.

No doubt a highly recommended Expression Engine Template!!!!


Delegate is another best and one of the top most resourceful and flexible Expression Engine business template/theme jam packed with myriad functional options and customizable features to appeal all your web visitors.

The goodness of well-organized execution and clean layout is what that makes this website standout from the rest and will undeniably make the impact you aspire.

Kick start your website now with the Delegate Expression theme!!!!

 Coffee Break Expression Engine Template

Coffee Break as the name hints is a very functional yet responsive Expression Engine template built to showcase all of your company’s products, merchandise or services more interactively and amazingly.

Give break to all the boring and blah Expression Engine templates out there and install this premium template to have complete control over every aspect of the website.

This amazing theme features multitude options to add sliders, buttons and other features to highlight and accentuate most anything you desire to promote your business and interact with your customers, clients or visitors.

Daily Edition

Daily Edition is another great and dynamic Expression Engine theme that has simple, clean, elegant yet spacious layout to present all your website’s products/services well organized besides being easy to navigate throughout the website.

To add with this Expression Engine template is loaded with a large variety of page modules, video player, and other collapsible options to alter the website’s color and style, add Google Analytics, and much more all at the backend.

Add professionalism and sophistication to your website with Daily Edition!!!!

With its clean and inviting look, this capacious Daily Edition The layout is simple and is crafted in the style of a simple-to-read newspaper that provides easy access for your customers. They can easily flip through the web pages just like a traditional magazine. It uses simple to structure side boxes that provide up-to-date information along with a place for visitor’s comments and feedback.

Headlines Expression Engine Theme

Headlines is another top most Expression Engine templates built to make all your upcoming or exiting websites reach out the world on the go leaving behind the boring, dreary websites at bay.

Display all your content/stuff with the world in an eye-popping design layout, easy accessibility, creative design tons of requested features including social bookmarking, author highlighting, and more supporting your own ideas and thoughts.

Get inspired!!!!Get popular!!!!

City Guide Expression Engine Template

Themes????  For Expression Engine?

Here is the City Guide Expression Engine template a super functional and responsive theme that provides additional link-associated information to the visitor’s search results including custom content, Geo tags, locations, step-by-step navigational directions and other valuable information generally sought for.

As you can see, the design layout of this Expression Engine is intuitive and interactive enabling your site visitors to easily navigate around the website Manipulate the look and feel of this layout as you like with the City Guide Expression Engine Template!!!!!

Inspire Expression Engine

Inspire Expression Engine theme is a highly functional, informative, valuable and highly customizable template set to perfect to blend with any business/personal website/blogs to execute services, products or merchandise in a more effectively and resourcefully.

As this theme is highly customizable you can easily add images to each page, use its fade transitions abilities, along with fade timeouts, adjustable transition times and auto-fade, update information, continually show a transition of photographs and provide easy-to-access archives and links that can keep visitors informed.

Inspire all your visitors, customers, speculators with the Inspire Expression Engine theme!!!

Bueno Expression Engine Template

Bueno is a professional Expression Engine theme built specifically to display and executes your business, services or products content/articles/product images in extraordinary way.

This premium Expression Engine is loaded with lot many options to have complete control over what pages display on the home page. It is no wonder this Bueno  Expression Engine has become such a popular template in creating finest websites that function properly, look extra special and built to put forward the best experience for all your site visitors.

The station Expression Engine Template

The station is a super elegant, professional business Expression Engine template loaded with myriad options and highly customizable features keeping visitors and simplicity in mind.

The theme has featured tabber section on the homepage to emphasize important messages, back end theme options, cross browser compatibility, auto sizing thumbnails to scale post images for pixel perfect display in template and more. This theme is a step ahead from the traditional CMS mold adding flexibility and freedom to the web professional’s abilities to use the theme in successful, creative ways to uplift the website/blog look, style and feel all in all.

Over Easy Expression Engine Template

Over Easy as the name hints is a very easy to use, minimalistic Expression Engine template target to fit in any commercial and non-commercial websites.

As you can see, this theme has a header citing logo, main menu, room for slider, many other widgets, and many more other functionalities positioned well in such a limited space.

Moreover,   the landing pages or blog has been modernly designed to publish all the important information pertaining to the widgets and website efficiently to promote engagement and make your visitors navigate through your blog/website for longer hours.

Dark Shine Free Expression Engine Template

Dark Shine is a responsive, vibrant red/orange yet free Expression Engine theme loaded with myriad features and options to make all your visitors get addicted to your blog/site.

This free Expression Engine template has two columns one for content and one for another navigational menu in the main content area, a header with several blocks for navigational menus, plus a block for advertisements and a block for photos and footer.

Amazing and flexible theme for personal sites, or even corporate sites wanting to have a bit of an edge in their sites!!!


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