19 Free Web Design Tools You Should Try

19 Free Web Design Tools You Should Try

19 Free Web Design Tools You Should Try

Web design is a top notch profession these days. Companies are paying thousands for a
custom logo or image. Even amateurs that want to edit their websites and make them look
more professional will find these tools useful.

1. Ajax Animator

Looking to make animated images with a Flash alternative? Well, look no further. This tool is
perfect to create animated GIF, SVG or SWF. Despite being browser based, it works perfectly.

2. Aptana Studio
Integrated Development Environment is great for CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc, aiming to please
the greatest number of people possible.

3. Audacity

Web design is not just about images. It’s about sound too. Audacity is the best free audio
editor that allows to perform basic edition to almost all kinds of audio files. It allows to record
audio directly from an analog player such as K7 or Vinyl, it also allows to remove noise and
even to add multiple sound tracks to the same track, to give your voice and podcasts some
background music.

4. Bluefish

Bluefish is perfect for dynamic site building and supports the most important web languages
such as HTML, XHTML, CSS and many more.

5. BrowserLab

This one has the goal to test websites and discover how they behave using other operating
systems and browsers. It is free and will probably continue that way.

6. Cageflow

Not exactly a web design tool, it is more like a work speed up tool that allows faster email
usage and work collaboration.

7. ColorZilla

This one helps you to create color pallets to improve your images or even to create images
from scratch. Can be integrated with Firefox.

8. Colourlovers
Supports both Hex and RGB colors to take your graphic needs to the next level.

9. CSS3 Generator

The name says it all. The goal is to create CSS code using drag and drop tools.

10. CSSed

An extendable CSS editor for Linux with many features such as highlighting, syntax validation,
and multiple language support.

11. Dia

Dia aims to make your work easier by working like Visio. It allows the design of diagrams to
boost the work flow of an individual or company.

12. Drupal

This tool needs little introduction. Like WordPress, it is one of the most powerful ways to make
a website or a blog, of any size, with top class security and extension to make the CMS even
more powerful. Unliked WordPress, Drupal can be easily integrated with eCommerce websites
meaning that for people who have the goal to create an online store, Drupal is probably the
best way to go.

13. Eclipse

Initially developed to help program in Java, now Eclipse can be used to develop applications in
many other languages.

14. Aviary

Tweaking photos for the internet can’t be any simpler. Just use Aviary to rotate, cut, add color
and even special effects to your photos.

15. FileZilla

FTPs are not so much in use these days thanks to content management solutions, but for those
who still need to upload large amounts of files to a server, FileZilla is the best way to do it.
Recently it added support to IPV6 making it a software ready for the future

16. Firefox Web Developer Toolbar
Designed for live page analysis, this tool is a favorite for many professional web developers
and will continue to be as long as love Firefox.

17. FireFTP

Now with IPv6 support, FireFTP is the best FTP to be used directly from a browser allowing to
upload any file you want to the server and works on all operating systems and browsers.

18. Geeklog

Geeklog is the tool to create galleries and social networking abilities to websites and blogs.
Also called the secure CMS, Geeklog supports multi-author websites and has a wide selection
of plugins.

19. GIMPshop

Remember GIMP? Now with GIMPshop aims to be the free Photoshop looking almost the
same, with advanced features for the cost of nothing.

Taking your web design to the next level is a must if you want to continue to compete for
attention in the internet. Users have less and less time to pay attention to websites and blogs
and those who do either want to see the latest in graphic and audio development or they will
just click the next Google search result.

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