20 Best Free and Premium Concrete5 Templates 2013

20 Best Free and Premium Concrete5 Templates 2013

Concrete5 is no doubt a very popular and easiest CMS that has become the choice of many to create complex and powerful online applications. The great advantages using the concrete5 is that it is open source based CMS, so it is free to use. Moreover, it is very easy to understand and use Concrete5 and Concrete Templates.

Over internet there are myriads and numerous Concrete5 templates/themes made available. To make t easy for you, we have gathered some interesting and mind-blowing best, free, premium and amazing Concrete5 templates 2013 of all niches, just for your reference and convenience.

I love Concrete5 and you will love it to!!!! Give a try!!!

Slate Concrete5 Template

Have you been looking for some interesting Concrete5 templates? If so, Slate Concrete5 template may be exactly what you are looking for!

Slate is a clean, minimal, responsive, and mobile-friendly grid styled Concrete5 template recommended and works amazing for any startup or boring website/blog to add some sense of feel and confidence to the site.

Loaded with lots of advantageous features, including four different styles/skins, 16 different page types/layouts, drop down navigation, and four custom page list templates and much more, this Concrete5 template can really showcase all your work or art in a simplified manner.

Elegancia Concrete5 template

Elegancia is yet another showstopper Concrete5 theme you have ever come across that lets you have a unique and outstanding homepage layout with a full width or three column layout and many other customizable elements to suit your needs and requirements.

Dispense all your stock in an organized and more complete way and transform your site into something amazing with just a couple of mouse clicks.


Explode Concrete5 Template

Explode Concrete5 theme is a smart, sophisticated and extremely inspiring Template that offers a bright layout with a varied collection of style and design to explode any website. Its responsive design adjusts to look good and amazing in any browser or device.

It’s fast, customizable, and picture perfect. Redo your whole site with this extremely smart Concrete5 template!!!!

Anim8ed Concrete5 Template

Here we present you another great and top best Concrete5 template the Anim8ed a classy professional template designed to work exceptionally well with any commercial or non-commercial website on the go.

Play with this Concrete template as you like, choose from the 7 amazing colors and change the text color, link color, heading color, footer and background color. Besides, there are numerous other options to work and play with.

Love it, your client or visitor will love this concret5 template even more!!!!

Revero Concrete5 Template

Revero is a Premium yet one of the best and beautiful Concret5 template ever designed so amazingly and elegantly giving space and focus to the content artless to enable your visitors enjoy your website completely.

A super simple, sleek and high quality theme that helps you create review scores, low down of products at glance, and much more with its clean uncluttered design layout and feel.

Monetize your website!!!!



Office space Concrete5 Template

Office Space is not only a professional and easy to work with Concrete5 theme but is a reasonably priced and uniquely designed theme for corporate/business websites/blogs to showcase all your business, services, or products and stuff in a grid-based Concrete5 theme.

This Concrete5 template uses a 960 grid system besides being loaded with 3 Color Variation (Blue, Green & Red) options, 7 Different Page Types / Layouts (Home, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Full, One over Three Columns, One over Two Columns, News Article) and much more, all for you.

Can’t get better than that! Download and install Office Space and make your site a marketplace!!

Classique Concrete5 Template

The Classique Concrete5 Template is a fully featured theme and best of all it’s a lucrative Concrete5 theme. This exceptional Concrete5 template features multi column layouts, unlimited background color options, number of custom templates enabling you to style the template as you please. Build a professional/funny/personal/business or anything you wish for your Concrete5 based website in juts minutes rather than hours or days.



Eye theme Concrete5 Theme

Eye theme is one of the dynamic, best, amazing yet free Concrete5 templates you have ever come across. This freebie Concrte5 template is packed with numerous customization options to showcase all content/articles, products, images/stuff clear and easy. The highlight of this free Concrete5 template is the adjustable width of the container.

There are many more magical features included in this free Concrete5 template download and enjoy!!!!

Elengancia Neu Concrete5 Theme

Here we present you another super quality Concrete5 template Elengancia Neu mobile and tablet friendly theme supporting the ChadStrat pro-blog add on giving you access to familiar blogging functions like categories, tag clouds, author selection and more.

Additionally, this top Concrete5 template ships with numerous custom templates, search block for headed and non-headed search, slider with 3 different drop shadow templates, different color variants and much more for a rich and quality layout of your website.

Have a look at it!!!!!

Abstarcts Concrete5 template

Abstracts Concrete5 template is another professional yet constructive theme jam packed with amazing collapsible features including multiple layouts, over 12 positions, JQuery menu, stylized backgrounds, font replacement and many unique features.

A unique, unusual and differently styled Concrete5 template to make all your work and website stand out from the general and usual template design layouts.

Truly a must try and must-have Concrete5 template!!!!


Clear View Concrete5 template

Clear View as the title implies is a very open, crystal clear and more precisely an amazing Concrete5 template/theme loaded with a very big space dedicated to the background image, overlaying content and slide out navigational menu all included to impress and explicate what your website deals with in one simple image.

Moreover, this Concrete5 theme comes with 3 different page types/layouts home, right side bar, full, sliding main navigation, background images scale and much more all for your convenience.

Want to try something different?? A better Template option to go!!!!

Elegancia Onyx Concrete5 Theme

Eleganca Onyx is a rich, more complete, and one of the most popular Concret5 themes/templates out in the market.

There are lot many exciting features and options shipped into this template including a new drop down navigation, enhanced typography, new color variants (Rich burgundy, a stylish black gradient) and numerous custom templates to make all your website visitors journey happy and entertaining all the way.


Snowblind Concrete5 Template

Snowblind is a vibrant, clean and modern  free theme for Concrete5 built specifically for corporate/business websites to showcase business, services, products in a more enhanced, productive and effective way. As you can see, this free Concrete5 template has a very nice top navigation and pretty good design.

Start up or revamp your Concrete5 website beautifully all free of cost with free Snowblind Concrete5 Template.

Interactive black Concrete5 template

Here is a professional, clear, dark yet elegant Concrete5 template – Interactive black template – a free Concrete5 theme where you get to pay for a chrome or safari background and awesome new mega menu. Features a 2 page types, Google web fonts integration, logo builder, and much more.  To add with, this dark Concrete5 theme is literally loaded with many customizable options to change every aspect of the layout to suit your own needs and style with no programming skills.

Nighty city Concrete5 template

Nighty City is a smooth, dark, elegant yet professional Concrete5 theme loaded with many awesome unique features.

This template loads in with rounded corners, cross browser support, optional sidebar, drop down navigational menu with plenty of highly customizable options to design template as you like supporting your own ideas and thoughts even if you are not a skilled programmer.

A faster and beautiful Concrete5 template/theme to execute all your work and stuff outstandingly!!

Bildpunkt Concrte5 template

The Bildpunkt theme is a very  responsive, stylish and fully customizable Concrete5 perfect for designers, bloggers and website owners to create a simple, elegant yet picture clear layout to execute all the essential work in enhanced way.

This Concrete5 template adds a nice touch to your creative work to impress all your visitors and make your website stand out of the crowd.

Perfectly fits into any website as it s loaded with multiple customizable options to tweak with every aspect of the template layout. Last but not least: the Bildpunkt Concrete5 Theme also includes Shadowbox a very nice mediaplayer to present your creative work.

Cultivate Concrete5 template

Cultivate is a highly flexible, simple, stylish yet professional Concrete5 theme with many great customizable features that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Currently, this Concrete5 theme comes in Red, Blue, and Green to give you possible options to match with the main subject of the website. Downloading and installing this concrete5 Theme Framework is your cup of coffee it’s awesomely easy, even if you are not aware of coding and programming. Responsive, smart and the best Concrete5 template!!!!

Diamond  Concrete5 theme

Here is another magical, unique yet smart Concrete5 template design the Diamond theme loaded with three different page layouts, many style variations to fine tune minor aspects to enhance the entire look and feel of the website.

This crazy Concrete5 theme enables you to define your very favorite color to almost any part of the layout, giving your viewers a visual treat all in all.

Featurist Concrete5 Theme

Featurist is a highly flexible yet professional Concrete5 theme that can be easily customized to fit your needs without having to use any codes or programming.

To add with, this Concrete5 template layout is designed to suit a wide range of websites featuring several customizable features.

Use it as is or bend it to achieve your own unique styling!!!!

Maximo Concrete5 template

Maximo as the name hints ships in numerous features and customizable options for a picture perfect and interactive website layout.

This browser friendly Concrete5 template boasts in excellent typography, styling, attractive effects, a full width slider space and room for 3 or 4 column layout options to give maximum visual impact to your website visitors. To add with, there is also an excellent Twitter bootstrap giving your visitors a more coherent experience no matter what their choice of browser.

Click, edit, change your website layout as you like!!!!!

Ever After one page parallax concrete5 theme

Ever After one page parallax concrete5 theme



Use this powerful design for creating a nice website. It is consists of array of features like parallax, sticky navigation bar, Full screen galleries and Google maps. Theme is build with elegant features like full screen HTML5 video, lazy load capabilities, infinite scroll, responsive design, instagram theatre, full screen slider, Google map and scrollspy integration are the features of this concrete5 theme.   

Passport – A premium concrete5 theme

Passport – A premium concrete5 theme



Create a powerful website using this premium concrete5 responsive theme. Full width image slider impresses the site visitors. Lot of content space is given for expalning the points. Footer area is filled with lot of useful links. Stylish design, clean website, contact form design, 15 beautiful layouts, lazy load support, jquery animations, HTML, CSS, downloadable content and fully responsive are the features of this concrete5 theme.

MetroMe concrete5 responsive vcard theme

MetroMe concrete5 resposnive vcard theme



Adding of the content and editing is easy with this concrete5 CMS theme. It is fully responsive so that it can adapt to any screen resolutions. Some of the features of this responsive concrete5 theme are 13 custom blocks, customizable theme background, 29 hand picked backgrounds, 15 premade themes, change menu icons, powerful Google map block, preadded content, quick previews in blocks and unlimited customizable theme colors. CSS, Js and PHP files are included. Check the live demo of this concrete5 theme.

Vision one page flat concrete5 portfolio theme

Vision one page flat concrete5 portfolio theme



This flat one page concrete5 theme is best for creating a unique or modern theme. It is best for any creative website. Custom blocks, fully editable, dynamic portfolio, responsive, 2 color skins, 2 pagetypes, complete HTML template, parallax slider and documentation are the features of this portfolio theme. Concrete5 5.6.x is the software version. Bootstrap 2.3.x is compatible.

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