20 Top Best Free & Premium Quality Drupal Themes 2013

20 Top Best Free & Premium Quality Drupal Themes 2013

Drupal one of the most popular and sought after free and open source content management system is used as a back-end system for millions of websites ranging from personal blogs to larger corporate blogs and sites. Drupal – known for its excellent capabilities, versatility and power has significantly increased in popularity as an ideal CMS to make any website go live in minutes.

In this article we provide 10 best free & premium Drupal theme collection that enables you to change the look and feel of your Drupal based website on the go. Great Drupal themes make your website standout and are undoubtedly perfect to drive traffic to your websites. Thus, it is important to have right Drupal theme running on your website.

Take a moment and look over the list below of the 10 best free and premium Drupal themes as they all deserve your attention for a few minutes. Go for any that might work for a new project!!!


Grunge theme is a powerful yet free Drupal theme designed clean and minimalistic style providing all the main functionalities you need to execute your products/content/work/stuff in an elegant yet professional manner. Grunge free Drupal theme as you can see is well documented and easy for customizing best to go with any portfolio, business and photography.

Journal Church

Journal Church is a free yet beautiful and stunning Drupal theme that is designed well with excellent front page with 2 column layout, light color schemes, room for featured images, a lot of background space targeted to those who love clean and minimal designs. As you can, everything is so clean, very well made and easy understandable to surf. Definitely, a great looking theme for your portfolio web site or blog. Cannot believe this is a free Drupal theme??? Download and check out right now!!!!


Converge is a simple, elegant yet powerful premium Drupal theme that is jam packed with impressive set of customizable features including a flash homepage slider with more than 10 different jquery effects, fixed/fluid layout options. Have tight control over the complete look and style of the theme all without having to touch a single line of code with this neat, clean and designed friendly portfolio converge premium theme.

Drupal Colourise

Introducing – Drupal Colourise a fully responsive yet colorful Drupal theme filled in with lots of rainbow colors in a dark set background loaded with lots of cool options. No doubt this Drupal theme is specifically designed to suit any or every website, hence an excellent choice for publishing websites, bloggers, and any website needing a lot of placeholders for featuring premium news or magazine-style content. Stunning yet Eye-catching Drupal theme!!!!


BlueMasters is a Drupal powered theme designed to blend with any website needs in mind. This theme is loaded with everything that you expect from a responsive and powerful Drupal theme. This Drupal theme comes with a large home page slider; custom FrontPage jam packed with 4 block regions, multi level drop down menus, support for 2 0r 3 column layout for pages along with a cool footer citing 4 regions. This theme is extremely flexible on both layout and functionality aspect to create a fully functional and powerful website in a minute.

Love this theme!!


The touch Drupal theme is designed sleek with pleasant clean colors to make any Drupal website look professional and top-notch.

This touch Drupal theme as you can see is very light weight accompanied with modern look and customizable features to support 2/3 columns, multi level drop down menu, block regions, use of Google web fonts, supports custom logo, favicon and more. Without a doubt, the touch theme is built to spice up any portfolio, business, blogging website, magazine, news, or any publishing-style website.


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Foggia is another simple and dark theme that is designed keeping simplicity, accessibility, typography in mind. Foggia theme options are very straight forward, highly customizable and easy to use. Whether you are a advanced Drupal user or just a beginner you’ll absolutely have no problems working with this theme.

Magic night

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Magic night is a powerful and multipurpose Drupal theme loaded with many many options. It comes with all components you need to create a fully functional and powerful website, hence a perfect solution for business or simple blogs. Make your powerful and beautiful Drupal based websites even more flexible than ever before with the Magic Night Drupal Theme.

Yara Premium Drupal theme

Here we present you one of the most ultimate, popular, top and one of the best Drupal premium themes 2013 – Yara Premium Drupal theme, great for personal photo blogs or business, corporate, portfolio websites as it has a white background which emphasizes the importance of your featured product images/ photos.

This eye catching professional premium Drupal theme has a powerful base theme, with only single layout options where the cool and calming effect of white gives visitors a good feeling when they arrive. To add one, the most impressive aspect of this Drupal theme is its compatibility with desktop, Laptop, Mini Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Mobiles phones, iPhone, Android phones, windows phones etc.

Fashion Premium Drupal Template

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Fashion Premium Drupal Template is a sleek and minimal portfolio theme packed full of awesome features where the featured product images accompanied with room for product details, amazing slideshow puts your work first. This creative Mambo template keeps the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. Fashion Premium Drupal Template is perhaps the most feature-rich theme to go!!!

Fireball Premium Drupal Template

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Hunting for a great multipurpose Drupal theme with beautiful design, lots of features and ability to customize every aspect of its layout and appearance?

Here is the Fireball Premium Drupal Template to serve you with what you want and help you to build practically any site: from big corporate sites including business, kids, apparel, beauty, medical, tattoo studio with catalog of products to studio sites with portfolio, photo albums and video gallery; almost anything that you can imagine in only a couple of clicks!!! Fireball Premium Drupal Template is a good choice!!!!

Beans Premium Drupal Template

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Here is the most responsive yet super elegant Drupal theme – Beans Premium Drupal Template full featured with amazing cool features that makes visitors browse the website in an interactive fashion while the highly customizable features enables you to alter every bit of the template as you like. Whether you are a novice Drupal elite or a professional designer, you’ll have no problems at all working with Beans Premium Drupal Template.

Jason Tobin Premium Drupal Template

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Jason Tobin Premium Drupal Template is here to make you fall first to download and install the theme on your website and later make all your website visitors fall for with its exceptionally organized and well structured layout.

This simple Drupal theme is suited for any and every business websites to showcase work on a neat layout while the customization features enabling you to modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Create the Website you need in no time!!!!

Fabione Premium Drupal Template

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Fabione Premium Drupal Template is a wonderful, professional and easy to use template with lots of options and configurations to tweak with for a health website look and feel all the way. This amazing quality Drupal theme has been created for people who want to save time and still be able to create a nice and great looking web site layout within the limited web space.

Fashion news Premium Drupal Template

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Fashion news Premium Drupal Template is a feature-rich and fully user friendly responsive Drupal theme suitable for almost any niche. As you can see, the homepage layout is very flexible and elegant, highlighting the essential content in a very cool fashion. Now, built your own layout based on your needs using Fashion news Premium Drupal Template!!!!

European Restaurant Premium Drupal Template

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European Restaurant Premium Drupal Template is a super awesome yet one of the top best themes designed to suit any niche with its very clean, minimal and modern design layout. Show off your work with this easy-to-customize and fully featured Drupal Theme. There is a lot of great features, check it out!!!!

Stone Tower Premium Drupal Template

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Stone Tower Premium Drupal Template is a professional theme designed across a dark background, highlighting all the essential works/product images in a very beautiful manner. Stone Tower Premium Drupal Template makes creating a clean, responsive business or portfolio site very easy!!! A very unique yet outstanding website template for Drupal!!!

Luxer Premium Drupal Template

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Luxer is another awesome Premium quality Drupal template that is just awesomely sober, clean looking, flexible and responsive to blend in perfectly with any online business stores. Great place to execute your work in a clear cut and straight forward fashion. Boost your online presence with the Luxer Premium Drupal Template!!!!

Cloud Soft Premium Drupal Template

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Cloud Soft Premium Drupal Template is simple, professional, versatile and fast template loaded with a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing besides being coupled with a bunch of great features. A great Drupal theme that will certainly prove useful for a variety of different website niches with its simple, smooth design layout.

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