25 best touch enabled responsive WordPress sliders

Master slider Responsive touch enabled WordPress plugin



Here is a most advanced touch enabled WordPress slider plugin. This WordPress slider offers a touch swipe navigation that works smoothly on any devices. It is a free responsive WordPress slider and content slider with amazing transitions. This master slider works perfect in all major devices. Some of the features of this touch enabled slider are fully responsive, touch swipe navigation, HTML5 valid and SEO friendly markup, drag & drop slider, Hardware accelerated CSS3 3D transforms, 8 starter samples and many more.

Easing slider for WordPress blogs



Creating and managing the sliders on WordPress website is simple with this WordPress slider plugin. This easing slider offers a nice user experience. Some of the additional features that you can gain along with this are simple captions, thumbnails, posts feed, video slides, carousel, external images and lightbox. This plugin is the easiest way to create wonderful sliders on WordPress blog. Download it free WordPress slider.

Royal Slider touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Its a touch friendly plugin that supports devices that runs on iOS, IE10 and android. It has animated captions with specialized custom effects. Users can at a time load unlimited images for future use. Its fully responsive and supports full screen images in the background. There are multiple navigation options available with this plugin like tabs, bullets, thumbnails, list and so on. One can use this plugin as an image slider, gallery, HTML content slider, video gallery banner rotator, slideshow etc

All in one banner touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


With the advanced jQuery slider, the new all-in-one banner includes 5 different banner types -Thumbnails, Carousel, Banner with Playlist, Banner Rotator and Content Slider. Its fully responsive and touch friendly navigation supports almost all the touch screen mobile devices. It consists of 3 predefined skins and 16 photo transition effects. Multiple instances can be inserted on the same web page using the same skin type or different skin. The quality and the features of this product makes this slider easy to set up & maintain.

Advanced slider Jquery XML touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Its one among the best jQuery sliders available in the market today. The advanced slider is created to be used in various contexts. Its fully responsive and can be used on all mobile types. Its SEO friendly. The API offered with the plugin allows it to be used on your own application by enhancing its functionality. Its key features include touch screen support, smart video, animated layers, 100+ possible transition effects, HTML/XML support, 150+ customizable support, built-in lightbox support, keyboard navigation and much more.

Translucent touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Translucent touch enabled WordPress slider is a highly responsive & fluid layouts. Its fully touch swipe navigation feature enables it to be used on multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, tablets, Smartphone’s etc. It’s complete set of background captions can be customized by CSS as well as plugin settings. It supports more than 6 types of navigation variations and its transition speed can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Jquery onebyone touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


This jQuery slider is a highly responsive, lightweight and layered plugin that can be used in exhibiting your work (both text and image) in a professional and organized manner. The OneByOne slider plugin is mobile friendly and can be used on multiple touch screen mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Smartphone’s, Tablets and so on. It provides an option of customizing each slide and animation element.

Jquery zoom in/out touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Zoom in/out is a jQuery effect fully responsive WordPress plug-in. It Zoom and planning effect also referred to as Ken Burn Effect can be used on all major browsers. It supports 2 different types of transitions – slide transition and fade transition. It includes 4 different slider variations – full screen slider, full width slider, fixed slider and side bar slider or mini galleries. Its touch screen navigation supports all mobile types. This plugin comes with detailed documentation that makes it easy to set-up and maintain.

Unoslider touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


It’s a jQuery enabled content slider WordPress plug-in that comes with unlimited transitions. Its adaptive on multiple mobile devices and all old and modern major browsers. Animated layers, fully responsive, pre-slide options, 12 pre-built themes, mobile optimized, touch enabled, 40+ preset transitions, images preloader, public API, HTML content, easy installation are some of its key features that makes it a one of a kind touch enabled WordPress slider.

EVO slider Pro touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


With the Evo slider pro one can create varied slides that can be used to display their work in the best ways possible. Whether you intend to create an image gallery to exhibit your work or just want to go with banner rotator, an auto slideshow option or a presentation, this plugin can be used for various reasons and it various amazing ways. Its one among the best jQuery slider plug-in available in the market today. It easy to setup and used to customize your site as per your preferences.

Zuper touch enabled responsive wordpress slider



Zuper WordPress slider is a highly responsive slider enabled with Fluid grid layout. Its design and effects elements makes it possible to turn a simple HTML site/blog into a beautifully designed slider that is sure to attract huge traffic to your site. One can change the complete look of their website with the help of this fully customizable slider plugin. Its simple implementation saves loads of development time.

Parallax slider touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Parallax consists of 4 different types of sliders (classic, mouse interaction, ultra and perpetuum mobile) which help in creating slider banners in minutes. Each of these sliders consists of 2 different skin types – thumbs and bullets that can be easily be used as full width or fixed dimensions. Its other features include, touch friendly navigation support for multiple touch screen mobile devices, layered elements, animated text from various directions, width and height parameter, loop parameter, auto play parameter, supports HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo and much more

Roll Bar touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Unlike the old school standard browser scrollbar’s, the all new RollBar slider plugin was created with an intention to help its users customize their sliders in a modern way that would fit perfectly on any site. It also gives the option of creating slideshows that would have external controls. It can automatically adjust to any screen size. It touch screen navigation feature supports both iOS and android devices.

Hover Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


HoverSlider is a highly responsive touch enabled WordPress slider, powered by jQuery effects also known as the Ken burn effects. Its cross browser compatible and is also SEO friendly. It consist of detailed documentation and offers HTML,CSS, Javascript JS files to its buyers. Some of its features include custom HTML code, Global settings, Per slide settings, Preload function, HoverSlider API, Responsive layout with skin support etc.

Responsive Layer Slider touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Responsive layered slider is a one of a kind, fully HTMl and jQuery driven WordPress plug-in. Its adaptive on multiple devices – desktop/laptop, tablets, iPads, iPhones and other Smartphone Devices. However its touch enabled navigation works perfectly on all touch screen devices whereas on the other non-touch devices the mouse can be used to drag and drop the required elements. Its responsive layout looks great on all resolutions. Each layer can be fully customized and animated in 200+ ways.

Ether Grid Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Ether grid slider, is a touch enabled fully responsive WordPress plug-in that can be used in changing any form of content, be it videos, images, testimonials, services, blog feeds, featured stories etc, into sliders (and/or) grids. Its multiple browser compatible. The key highlights of this plugin are 20 options to customize your site/blog, scroll wheel support, various custom elements on each page, image gallery options, smart autoplay, fluid layout, custom transitions and so on

Degrade -The Swiss Army Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Degrade, the swiss army slider, is a highly responsive, fully customizable, touch friendly, multipurpose WordPress plug-in that can be used on any site. It’s cross browser compatible. The appearance of the slider can be customized with the help of its amazing features that include 8 different shadows, 6 different control types, 4 different corner styles, shortcodes, unlimited colors, caption styles, option of creating unlimited slider, full screen behavior etc

Versatile touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Versatile touch slider, as the name suggests is a one-of-a-kind jQuery powered plugin that provides various options to customize your business site as per your business requirements. With the help of this plugin a simple and plain HTML site can be created into a crowd pulling beautifully designed site/blog. Its lightbox features makes it possible to show any form of multimedia content like audio, video, HTML content and images.

Zozo accordion touch enabled responsive wordpress slider


Unlike any other accordion, the all new Zoro Accordion is a fully responsive and fully customizable, touch friendly plugin that can easily integrated into any site or blog design without having to write any special codes. Its features include adaptive on any touch screen mobile devices, SEO friendly, Semantic HTML5, CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback, nested accordion, custom styled scrollbar, advanced animation, slider accordion and so on

CJ simple Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


CJ simple slider is powered by Jacked, which is know to be a highly efficient javascript animation engine. Its multiple browser compatible. It adaptive on various devices – desktop, tablets and mobile devices. It consist of multiple border & button styles. The description of this plugin supports any version of HTML, However it gives optimum results on browsers HTML5 or CSS3.

Shop Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


This jQuery powered responsive WordPress plug-in is ideal for online shops, stores, commercial sites and so on. The best part of this plugin is that its adaptive on any screen type and size. It images are displayed perfectly on any device. It supports Ajax load and tabs. It supports multiple sliders on the same page. Lightweight, Hover to pause, easy setup, variety of slides & effects etc are some of its key features.

Screen slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


With ScreenSlider plugin you have the option of transforming your simple HTML or CSS site into a stylish, elegant and professionally designed site/blog. Its a fully responsive plugin that can be customized as per your business requirements. Its a full screen slider that fits perfectly on any screen size or type. Its impressive features can be used to display the content on your site in any multimedia form. You need to use it to believe it.

Rockstar Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Rockstar touch slider is a highly responsive WordPress plug-in that can be for creating simple, clean and minimalistic WordPress slider. It fluid grid layout makes it possible to display any form of content perfectly on any screen size or type. Its very easy to setup, use and maintain. Its features makes it possible to move the animations in a natural way. Its packed with loads of amazing features that makes it worth trying.

Sky Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Sky jQuery touch carousel is a feature rich jQuery carousel plugin. Its highly responsive, fast, smooth and touch enabled plugin that can be easily integrated on any blog/site design. It not just supports touch screen devices but also provides keyboard & mouse wheel support. Its packed with impressive features like auto slideshow & lop, supports multiple instances, multiple browsers compatible, uses CSS3 transitions, advanced API and so on

Geome Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Geome slideshow is a highly responsive WordPress slider that supports multiple devices and is also on all JS enabled browsers. You will be awestuck with its cool features that includes, touch navigation, touch freeze, touch swipe, Detailed API documentation, cross platform friendly, SEO friendly, multiple slideshows on a single age, auto-play feature (optional), Responsive and adaptive layout engine, arrow key navigation, hover to pause feature (optional) etc.

One Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


One slider is a touch enabled fully responsive and fully customizable WordPress slider. It consist of unlimited slides that be used to show any form of content from banner to images and so on. It comes with loads of transition effects, 4 different positions for short content and a sub content for every slide. Its other features include touch swipe for multiple touch screen mobile devices, supports full width slider, auto-play with an option to delay the time for each slide display and so on

Canvas Slider touch enabled responsive WordPress slider


Canvas slider is a fully responsive, touch enabled jQuery banner rotator plugin that was created using HMTL5 transitions. All thanks to its bullets and thumbnails control that helps in easy and smooth navigation of the slideshow or sliders. It is compatible on all modern and major browsers like IE, Crome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Its also adaptive on iOS enabled devices. Its very much compatible on old browsers and fade transitions.