25 passwords you should avoid using

What is the importance of using strong password? How to stay out from password hackers? Is password protection important? The only answer for all this is “YES” we need to be more careful while choosing the passwords. Passwords are essential to prevent your devices and electronic accounts safe from identity thief. Nothing is safe in this digital world without password protection.

World celebrated “Password Day” in recent week. And on this special occasion they released a set of passwords that are not to be used anymore. According to SplashData annual list of worst passwords they are almost 2 million passwords leaked during the year 2015. So it’s better to protect the passwords by using strong and non guessable passwords. Most of the users choose the simple passwords like birthday or mothers name or any relative. Short and simple passwords are easy to determine by hackers. So keep an eye at 25 worst passwords that should avoid right away to stay secure.

Whatever the task we do online, the passwords are must to protect the identity. Here is the list of some worst passwords you should avoid using. Here is the list.

* 123456

* password


* qwerty

* 12345

* 123456789

* football

* 1234

* 1234567

* baseball

* welcome

* 1234567890

* abc123

* 111111

* 1qaz2wsx

* dragon

* master

* monkey

* letmein

* login

* princess

* qwertyuiop

* solo

* passw0rd

* starwars

The above list shows how people are putting themselves at risk. Try to avoid using these worst passwords. Checkout the basic standards of creating passwords and be safe from hackers.