35 must have WordPress free plugins

35 must have WordPress free plugins

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Here, we have discussed 35 word press plugins which are free and you can download it directly from their official repository. These word press plugins will add new functionality to your word press websites. These are not available in the vanilla version of WordPress software.

1. Search Regex

If you need to find and replace a data stored in your WordPress, this plugin will give a fast result. It will find and replace any kind of data such as titles, excerpts, comments, Meta data etc… it also supports regular expression. This will be a powerful tool to search and replace your data.

2. Redirection

This plugin allows you to create redirection rules when an existing post changes its URL or an external site is linking to a non-existent page. You can forward all the incoming traffic to the right pages automatically by using this plugin.

3. Yoast SEO

  • Create better titles
  • Block duplicate pages like archive pages
  • Adds the necessary Meta tags required for more search-friendly Google snippets.

These are the functions performed by this SEO plugin. If you have this, then you don’t need any other SEO plugins. Its new version includes Twitter Title Tags and Facebook Open Graph tags.

4. W3 Total Cache

This plugin will help you to improve your site’s page speed score. This would be the best caching plug-in for WordPress. Experiences say that Hyper Cache but W3 Total Cache is more effective than Hyper Cache.It will help you to

  • Minify scripts
  • Cache database queries
  • Add expiry headers to static images and more.

5. 404 Email Notifier

Sometimes you may land on a 404 page on your WordPress website, and then you can use this plugin to send you an email notification.Visitor’s IP address, what browser they are using and the referral URL that led him to that broken link are the details of the email message.

6. SlideShare

This allows you to embed SlideShare presentations in blog posts easily with the help of short codes. It is optional since WordPress core itself supports SlideShare embeds through oEmbed.

7. Smart YouTube

It helps in

  • Embedding YouTube videos in blog posts using standing video URLs
  • Customizing embedded player.
  • Adding a thumbnail of the embedded video in the RSS feed
  • Embedding videos from Facebook and Vimeo also.


This will helps in

  • Adding links to old stories, when they are related to the content of the current article.
  • Exposing your archived content to search bots.

9. WP Optimize

You can clean up your WordPress database tables using the WP Optimize plugin.

It also

  • removes post revisions
  • trash spam comments
  • Optimize your MySQL tables and hence it works more efficiently and also consumes less space.

10. Adminer

This will help you to

  • Manage your MySQL databases from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Run SQL queries
  • Browse tables
  • Perform database optimization.

It is very much less complicated than phpMyAdmin.

11. Authenticator

It enables

  • 2-step authentication for your WordPress blog similar to Dropbox or your Gmail account.

You can also use Authy, since it is a good alternative for enabling 2-factor authentication in WordPress.

12. WP-DB Manager

This pluginhelps to

  • Backup your WordPress database manually.
  • Scheduled job is set up for an automatic backup.
  • At set intervals, database files will be sent to your email address.

For advanced users

  • It allows runningSQL queries against their WordPress database without the phpMyAdmin tool.

To save backups to Amazon S3 and Dropbox, other plugins are also available.

13. Debug Queries

If your blog is slow, you can use the Debug Queries plugin to know which MySQL queries are taking more time to execute. The queries which take more time to execute are the ones that slow down the blog.

PHP warnings, queries and other helpful debugging information in the WordPress admin bar is shown by Debug Bar, which is another related plugin.

 14.P3 Profiler

Use the profiler plugin to figure out which WordPress plugins are slowing down your website. It generates a pie chart detailing the time it takes to run each plugin while loading the various pages of your site.

15. Auto Post Thumbnail

Word Press 2.9 has support for post thumbnail images. But if you use this for a long time, it may not get associated with your old posts. Using the first image found int the post content, Auto Post Thumbnail plugin helps to generate thumbnails automatically for these posts.

16. Regenerate Thumbnails

Sometimes you may change the height and width of post thumbnails in your blog. At that time, you can use this plugin to regenerate thumbnails with the new dimensions.

17. Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemap is used when you want Google and other search engines to know about each and every page of your WordPress website. So when you need an XML sitemap,this plug-in will allow you to generate it in one click.

18. XML Video Sitemap

XML Video Sitemap allows

  • To generate an XML Sitemap for your WordPress blog with all the YouTube videos that are embedded in your blog posts.

You can also use XML Sitemap for Images and XML Sitemap for Mobile.

19. Date in a Nice Tone

It is a way to display date in your blog posts. This will display the time passed after publishing the post or page. This shows amount of time like:

  • “A few days ago,” or “in the last month,” or “over a year ago” etc…

20. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

It can work in almost all popular programming languages. This plugin will helps you to highlight the syntax of source code. Different colors are used to highlight the code. This will help in comfortable reading.

21. Pubsubhubbub

When a post is published, it will instantly ping Google and that is the strong signal to the search engine to ensure that you are the original author. This plugin will allow you to beat content scrapers using Fat Pings.

22. Bing 404

Sometimes we may land on a 404 page, on which redirection is not enabled. This plug-in can be used to display relevant links to article on the error page.

23. WP-Associatizer

This plug-in helps to rewrite the Amazon URLs in your posts to use your Amazon Associated ID, automatically.

24. Template Tag SC

Template Tag SC will help to

  • Insert the same template tags directly in your blog posts or pages using Short Codes.

Some of the template tags are wp_list_pages() or wp_tag_cloud() etc …

25. Limit Login Attempts

The functions of this plugins are:

  • It logs the IP address and the exact date & time when a user is trying to log into your WordPress.
  • Keeps track of unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Automatically lock out users after they have made ‘n’ unsuccessful login attempts.

26. CF Short code

CF Short code plugin enables you to insert custom fields inside your WordPress posts using the visual editor.

This is more useful when you want to add custom JavaScript inside your WordPress posts.

27. Advanced Excerpt

It is used to specify a custom length of excerpts. You can avoid the ellipsis and configure the excerpts to have full sentences so that there will be no weird cuts. In word press post excerpts are fixed at 55 words.

28. Threat Scan

Threat scan plugin is used when you detect any suspicious activityon your WordPress site. This plugin will

  • Automatically scan your PHP files and your WordPress database.It will check for any malicious code.

29. Nice Search

  • It helps to create neat permalinks for your WordPress search pages.

30. AssetsMinify

Minimize the number of files that must be downloaded whenever a page is loading. It is the best way to make your web page more responsive, suggested by Google’s Page Speed guidelines.

  • This plugin will combine and compress all the JavaScript and CSS files, thus make website faster.

31. Options Optimizer

Whenever we uninstall some plugins, they are supposed to clean up their options too. But sometimes they never do that which results in memory wastage. The optimizer plugin helps you to clear this problem.

32. File Monitor

This plugin will be

  • Monitoring your WordPress installation folder.
  • Sending email alerts when any file is added, deleted or modified on your server.

You can use this with Senitel for more effect.

 33. Quick AdSense

It can be used when you need to

  • Serve responsive Google ads.

34. CodePress Admin

The Posts screen inside your WordPress dashboard display

  • post name
  •  category
  • tagsetc…

But with CodePress, columns to view the displaying Meta data can be added in addition with the posts.

35. Site Monitoring with Google Docs

This is not a word press plugin actually, but you can use it as a part of your Word press arsenal. Whenever your site goes down, you may get an instant email notification as well as SMS alert from Google Docs.



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