Chrome extensions Google drives new releases – 6 Free latest google drive tools

Customize your google drive with these chrome extensions. As all we know that chromes popularity is growing rapidly. Number of new extensions is rising day by day to make chrome as a user friendly application. Below mentioned are some of the free google drives handy tools that let’s you quickly navigate through the pages.

Save to google drive chrome extension for google drive



This extension helps in saving the web content on screen capture directly to google drive via browser action or context menu. There is an option to save images, HTML 5 audio, video and documents by clicking and selecting the “save to google drive” option. Let’s go through this and enjoy the facility available.

Fogpad chrome extension



Keep your documents as private as possible by using this fogpad extension. It is free extension that encrypts the data and protects them with private passwords. Features of the fogpad are advanced. It provides an easy environment to create and edit the secure documents. Some of the features are sharable secure files, 256 bit bank grade encryption, cloud document access, client side encryption and document auto save. Enjoy with this free chrome extension for google drive.

Save text to google drive



The name of the extension itself tells us the function. It is one of the straight forward extensions that allow you to save text from webpage to directly onto your drive. Features of this extension are save text to google drive, read by text reader and set a path for saving. Enjoy utilizing this free extension.

Pixlr editor for google



Pixlr presents a full featured photo editior direct in your browser. It is 100% free. Pixlr is most popular advanced photo editor online. Some of the tools included in pixlr are drawing tools, clone tools, spot heal tool, blur tools and many more. Gaussian blur, vignette, mimic HDR, glamour glow and noise are pretty filters included in this. Make use of this.

Shortcuts for google free extension



This extensions offers us an easy way to navigate from drive to Google’s other services like calendar, gmail, google maps, and many more. The main features are change URLs of services, names, integration of GMail this, add custom URL button, three different icon sizes, sorting of buttons and more than 200 googke services updates continuously.

Black menu for google

Chrome Web Store   Black Menu for Google™


Black menu can improve your overall google experience. It is a small pop up lies on the side of the browser. Just a simple click you search anything in google universe, no need of leaving the original browser or don’t have to open a multiple tabs. Looking awesome right, why to delay start using right now.