Critical components to be measured and analyzed in content marketing

Critical components to be measured and analyzed in content marketing

Most of the companies realized that content marketing is essential aspect of brand building and online presence. Content marketing has an immediate impact on search. The latest updates from google emphasize even more the importance of having good content and marketing practices to promote that content. In general content marketing has two parts i.e. marketing and content. Where marketing practices are done using various tactics in the marketing mix but the content requires a little more explanation. Content marketing is having four interconnected components which are related to each other.

Content marketing is defined as a technique of creating and distributing valuable, consistent and relevant content to grab the audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content is mainly the combination of message and format. Content without these two elements is undefined. Let’s start analyzing the four components related to content marketing.

Message: Among the entire four messages is tough to measure and analyze. To test the performance of the message you need to hold the other components equally. Dynamic content through marketing is the key solution to create this type of testing but these needs enough volume to make the results unique. Success metrics for content marketing is returning visitors, engagement post consumption, comments, relative shares, marketing qualified leads, mentions and reuse or curate by other sources.

Format: The format of testing is somewhat difficult because of the direct impact it has on the distribution channel. You will realize the effect of same message repurpose in different formats is better and it is worth to repurposing in these formats. The success metric points are relative consumption, views, download and shares.

Distribution channel: Start defining your goals and success metrics to answer the questions like where the blog post to be published? If you tried to create awareness to reach more people you will be benefited to serve it on large online publication. But if you are trying to build strengthen and authority your seo then you need to stick to own blog. Test various channels and choose which would be best platform for your business. Then engage with targeted audience. This is easy to analyze or test because you can use same content on various channels to test. Success metrics of distribution channel includes reach, engagement, total leads or visits, velocity and marketing qualified.

Promotion: This one is easy to test of all four components. You can test multiple promotion campaigns at the same time to check which one drives the best for the lowest cost. If it fails to give proper results then you can judge whether it is success or failure of the campaign. The success metrics for promotion in content marketing is cost per engagement, cost per acquisition and engagement rate.

More budgets are invested on content marketing. Marketers are under increasing pressure to prove its success. Analyze and measure the effectiveness in driving real business.