Best Directory WordPress themes 2019

Do you want to drag the attention of online customers? Shape your website by giving a brilliant outlook. These Best directory WordPress themes 2019 are the best to choose from. Every directory WordPress theme is well designed by professionals to make the environment friendly. Give a unique design to your WP site and inspire the audience.

Business Finder: Directory Listing WordPress Theme

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This theme allows you to manage five headers to allow you to link with a variety of pages. Every listing on the website can be linked to the social profiles in order to provide a better description of the business. In addition, an in-built gallery can allow the business to showcase them in a better way. Geo-locator on the website is also one of the main features of this theme that make it easier to get the nearby business featured on the top.

Business Finder can accept payments through PayPal so that billing the business owners of the listings would be a lot easier. Similarly, introducing different packages with different prices would also be possible to manage through this WordPress theme.

Directory WordPress Theme

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It is a WordPress theme, compatible with WooCommerce. The option of setting 7 headers on any page is the part of this theme. 3D Google Map for better suggestions when it comes to location, availability of video header and revolution slider are some of the elements, which enhances the functionality, and aesthetic element of your directory website.

Additionally, the modern design with the possibility of adding 30 different elements to your website is part of this theme. Moreover, Google Rich Snippets, responsive customer support and its compatibility with various plugins and devices make this theme as one of the best themes available.

Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

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One of the themes that can serve multi-purposes is a Multi-purpose WordPress Theme. Listings, classified, social integration and the possibility of building packages are amongst some of the features of this directory theme.

Woocommerce gateways, payment gateways, and user backend can help you in monetizing your directory in the best possible way. Unlimited layouts, user-friendly page building options with clean code optimization are added in some of the other features provided by it. Additionally, the availability of slots for advertisements, and the ability of this theme to be customized completely can take your WordPress website to another level.

EventBuilder – WordPress Events Directory Theme

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The purpose of this theme is to build a website highlighting the events taking place at various geographical locations. Clickable map, user-friendly outlook, and a large content slider are amongst some of the prominent features of this theme.

Stripe and PayPal are the two payment options that you can get through this theme. The design and functionality features have been kept different from the design features. This aspect has been incorporated to provide users with a sense of flexibility.

Javo Directory WordPress Theme 2019

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An eye-catching homepage is the part of Javo WordPress theme. Efficient use of Google Maps for providing information to users about the business has been done. The business can also include information about their business, their images, and the users’ reviews, to attract more customers.

Drag and drop builder for creating the website and customizing the page layout can be managed quite easily. Similarly, creating unlimited pages through this WordPress theme is not a problem. Slider revolution provided in Javo can improve the visual element of the website. In addition, the presence of tutorials to provide you guidance about the creation of web pages is also possible through it.

LISTABLE – A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme

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A WordPress theme that would work adequately for commercial and community services. You can go for a listing of the local attractions in your vicinity or can choose to list the business and earn money.

Multiple pricing plans, signing up and the search feature on the homepage are some of the ease-generating tools for your users. You can manage the listings of the business through the backend and front-end formats both so managing the new businesses and adding them to the directory is not an issue. Plugins are compatible with this theme but are not bundled with the theme so that you can choose the ones required and pay for them only.

ListGo – Directory WordPress Theme

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With the availability of tutorials and various options to set your page, you can get the page rightly done for your specific needs. Setting up the payment modes to get regular and ongoing payment is made possible through this theme.

You can set the payment plans and packages and let the users handle their payment plans on their own through the front-end payment mode. The use of an auto location detector provides ease to the users in finding business solutions in their close vicinity.

Listify – The Best WordPress Directory Theme 2019

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The appearance and features provided by Listify are different from the other WordPress themes that are available for directory creation. Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings, are the features provided by this theme, thus providing a great opportunity for the business and advertisers to come to your website.

Various options for collecting payments are provided by Listify. Additionally, increasing the rank of the website is improved through rich snippets available. Additionally, you add full-width background video to the homepage too, thus providing you with enough opportunity to grab the attention of the users and keep to your website.

ListingEasy Directory WordPress Theme

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It is one of the easiest listing directories that you can use for listing businesses. It takes nearly 3 minutes to set up because of the presence of some already made pages, availability of shortcodes and drag and drop user interface for website creation.

Current location detection, booking a service, woocommerce options, presence of different map skins are some of the features that you can get through this WordPress theme. You can get the demo of the theme to know how it can be used in the most efficient manner. The multilanguage feature allows you to create a website in any language that you like.

ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

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The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it comes with a complete package to provide you access to all the available plugins and you won’t have to buy new plugins every now and then. The advanced search tool, reviews and rating system, and an Ad-manager are some of the features to facilitate the businesses listed through this theme.

Moreover, creating multiple membership packages along with multiple options available for the monetization of the website are provided by ListingPro. Custom page layouts are also available, so you can choose the one that you think would be appropriate for your needs.

Listings – WordPress Responsive Listings Theme

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You can manage a number of listings through this theme or WordPress. Moreover, the support for highlighting various attributes for each listing is also possible. The attributes can be generated by the users, so you can use this theme for listing any sort of products, businesses or services.

Custom made search form, featured listing grid and featured listing slider are some of the features supported by this theme. These featured grids and sliders can be prioritized based on the latest, oldest, most expensive, etc. characteristics. Prices can also be displayed through this website theme.

MyCity – directory and events guide WP theme

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This is the theme for the creation of a community website. You can let your customer choose the desired type of listing  depending on the layout that you choose for designing the website. Google Map search and live search tool is included as the main feature of MyCity. 3D panoramic view of the businesses can be added to the listings to provide the users of the website with an easier and better view of the listings.

Uber and Airbnb are also integrated with this WordPress theme so that you can offer your customers to book a ride or lodging location directly through this website.

MyListing – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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This theme is specifically targeted to the users who want to create based on location. The capitals of the countries from around the world are already specified and customized for you to create local listings readily.

Drag and feature to make the website functional, the responsiveness of the theme across multiple devices and the presence of 50 user modules for adding on the web page are some of the unique features that you can get through this theme. Creation of membership plans and collecting money from the users is easily possible if you would choose to use MyListing.

Point Finder Directory – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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Complete control of Google Map can be enabled through this theme. You can list businesses or items that require painting out of the location. Widget availability for location finding makes it easier to get to the desired results. You can set up your website through this theme within minutes.

Front end upload system, various payment options, review system, and email notifications are  the features on which this theme works. Google recaptcha, customer support in case of any problem and social integration are also available because of this WordPress theme.

Search & Go – Smart WP Directory Theme

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An innovative look is the major attraction of this WordPress theme. Front-end operational support for the businesses to add them on their own is possible. Monetization of these listings is possible, but you can keep them free if you want to. PayPal is the method of payment supports theme through which you can even schedule continuous payment.

Changing any particular aspect of the theme is possible by using the in-built plugin that supports this aspect. This makes flexibility as one of the important components associated with Search & Go.

Service Finder – Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme

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If you are looking to display your listings and let your customers book the service through a single website, then you must use the Service Finder theme. PayPal and Stripe are the two modes of payment that are supported. Booking and timeslot are the supported functions that you can expect through this theme.

An online demo of the working of the theme is also available to let you know the exact functions and its operations. Control panel and settings of the theme can be managed. Additionally, layouts of the website can be customized based on your requirements. This theme can provide you and your visitors with the best directory.

Superlist – Directory WordPress Theme

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One click installation feature makes the usage of this theme very easy. You can manage all the settings within minutes. Real estates, jobs, automobiles, and restaurants are some of the types of listings that you can create through Superlist theme.

Interactive Google Map on the homepage, live search tool for finding specific businesses are the ways through which your customers can find the most relevant results. You can allow the business listings through  a subscription as well. Moreover, you can even make changes to the website according to your needs, making it more manageable.

The Navigator: Premium WP Location Guide + Blog

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High-resolution screens, mobile responsiveness, and the modern outlook are the aspects that have been modified in the recent update of this theme. Through this theme, you can allow your business listings to publish a regular blog post. Thus, apart from the simple information regarding listings, detailed information can easily be provided.

This form of listing focuses on content marketing done through blogs. With this theme, you can expect to attract a lot of business to be listed, which can be monetized. The payments can be received through PayPal. Moreover, geolocator is also associated with this theme to get the nearest businesses shown to the users.

Wyzi – WordPress Directory Listing Theme

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It can serve various purposes and functionalities for listing businesses. You can have access to various demos describing different features of the theme. You can combine these features in order to get a customized and highly efficient service. Drag and drop content editor allows you to customize the features of your website.

Library of add-ons and Woocommerce arrangement to get the benefit of the listings are provided by this theme to facilitate the users in the best possible way. You can set the flat rate for the listing or create multiple packages to earn a higher amount of income.