ExpressionEngine CMS premium themes

ExpressionEngine is modular CMS developed by EllisLab. No need of advanced knowledge of a programming language but adopts its own templating syntax. ExpressionEngine helps you to build anything that you imagine. It is designed to manage and flexibly display multiple channels of content. Let’s have a look on below listed themes which are suggested for excellent building of websites.

Coffee break – business EE theme



Showcase your services and products using professional theme. Build your site using coffee break theme. The theme is packed with loads of options and complete control over the pages. Theme is compatible with all popular web browsers. It is full length theme with sliding images. Information can be displayed using slider. Menus occupies in the header part which helps in easy navigation. SEO support, Gravatar support in comments, search results templates, auto-sizing thumbnails and backend theme options are the features of the theme.

Daily edition- magazine EE theme



Daily edition is designed for newspaper or magazine store supportive theme. You can design the theme using different background colors. Instant install, various styles, built in seo, gravatar support and search results templates are the theme features. Cross browser compatibility is possible with this theme. An image resize plugin will automatically scales your images for pixel and display in templates. It is easy to make simple changes without editing code. Drag and drop options will supports in creating the site effectively.

Headlines- stylish magazine EE theme



Headlines resemble the old magazine theme packed with lots of features like social bookmarks, flexible layout, author highlighting, featured area and flexible layout. This is perfect platform to launch your blog. The theme supports video integration. Play with customizable admin panel and design the site with stunning backgrounds colors.

Inspire-dynamic business EE theme



Are you in search of highly functional theme with custom homepage? Then choose this best inspire theme designed with featured area powered by jQuery and lovely mini featured area. Showcase you business or products or services in a clean format using this bright theme. Header part of the theme consists of drop down menus where visitor can navigate easily through the pages. Image slider occupies the center part for displaying the information of the product. Hot jQuery effects and prettyphoto integrated in the theme.

Delegate – dynamic & minimal EE theme



Delegate is the expressionengine corporate theme which is dynamic and minimal. You can gain custom home page layout with mini features area, twitter box, info or quotes box and options to insert any page mini features area. Lightbox effect is integrated in the theme. Cross browser compatibility, backend theme options, auto sizing thumbnails, built in seo support, search results templates and documentation are the features of the theme. PHP, CSS, JS, HTML files are included.

Optimize- business EE theme



Dark color theme attracts the visitor’s eye. Optimize is the expressuionengine premium theme which build upon dark background. There is lot of space to present the content in image or video format. It is possible to shift the alignment of featured area. Safari, firefox, opera and IE7 ,8 are the compatible browsers. Image resize plugin will automatically scales the images which you post and display perfectly.

The station- multi-purpose business EE theme



Increase your business by using the station EE theme. It has lots and loads of options for widgetized side bars, navigation spaces and custom widgets. For emphasise your messages tabber section is used which is located on the home page. Station theme is packed with backend theme options like google analytics code, changing to alternate color style and editing code. It consists of two columns with fixed layout. CSS files, html fimes, php files and JS files are the files included.

Fresh news- best selling magazine EE theme



Check out this premium theme which is one of the best selling themes in market. It is perfect for fresh and clean blog or magazine based on Expressionengine. Various styles, built in seo support, gravatar support, redirect messages, search results, cross browser compatibile, backend theme options, auto sizing thumbnails and premium support are the features of the theme.

City guide – geolocation EE theme



City guide theme is designed for directory based sites. It is well designed killer theme with geo tags and custom content about locations. Google maps are integrated in the theme for geo tagging of posts. Inserting the maps may pull the location and displays the physical address next to map in the location details. Menus are placed below the image which helps in navigation.

Bueno-minimal EE theme



Have a look on clean and minimalistic design. Bueno theme is designed with neat structure and typography. It is stripped with fancy design elements. Readers would mostly concentrate on the great content that you produce on the site, so this theme is perfect for blogger. Cross browser compatible, backend theme options, auto sizing thumbnails, various styles, instant install, built in seo support, gravatar support and search results templates are the features of the theme.

Over easy- business EE theme



Over easy is one of the elegant themes designed with lot of functionalities inbuilt in it. It supports the site owner with its excellent features. Header part of the theme consists of drop down menus which help in easy navigation. Middle part of the theme has an image slider where you can upload lot of images along with description. It has two columns with fixed layouts. CSS, Js and PHP are the files included in the theme. 2.1 is the expressionengine software version.