Best ways to make money with blog

Blogging is not just a hobby anymore – it can well be a massive source of income. The essence of a good blog lies entirely in its content, and the ability to connect with the readers. You need not be a unique or an ultra-special blog to make money, but you’d definitely need content that makes the readers come back to you for more. Once you’ve got terrific content on your website, you want to think about ways to monetize all the hard work. And there’s where we pitch in – We know exactly what it takes to build your empire. We’ll talk about both active and passive income streams.

Blog for business

Blogging doesn’t have to be only personal. Wouldn’t it be nicer if one could mix business with pleasure? Take our website for instance. Our professional blog was set up to provide readers and users with answers to questions in the realm of digital marketing, SEO and PPC. Our website is a no-nonsense, friendly and informative place to learn about, say, ‘High CTR WordPress themes’ or ‘How to find a competitor’s keywords.’

Let’s take another example:You are a travel enthusiast and you owns a travel company. How would professional blogging increase your earnings? Culture insights and picturesque images from your camera are motivating enough for people to pack their bags and see the world. Once you have their attention, you want to get them on-board with aterrific tour plan. Or if your company is into IT services, you could get your smart, senior colleagues to write tech articles for your website. Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) are the top trends in 2018.

The key to good blogging is to give people a hearty piece of yourself and your expertise via your writing.Watch your website/business pick up in value.

Passive earnings with Google AdSense

Bloggers can earn passively by setting up space on their website for Google ads to show up. You don’t have to do anything except place a Google AdSense script on your website and let Google have your card details. Your earnings can go straight to your account. Every person visiting your website will see ads customized to their search term or ads which Google believes might be of interest to them. Read this blog if you want to know how much money you can make with Google AdSense.

There are mixed views about hosting ads on blogs though – we have seen personal blogs with AdSense, but professional ones tend to stay clear of external ads. Instead, they work on improving their SEO and PPC strategies to rake in the moolah. Read about ‘How to maximize your click-through rate’ to see how you can get effective traffic that makes a purchase or signs up for your services.

Become an affiliate or partner

Monetizing affiliate partnerships is the trend these days. You can earn anywhere from 5-50% of income generated via your website.

Popular websites like and Trivago thrive on affiliate programs. How else would you be able to book flights and hotels at a rate cheaper than of the actual provider? Why do you get insane cash-backs when you make payments via PayTm or Tez? It’s because these sites earn through affiliate network.Product reviews, movie reviews, game reviews, tech reviews, food reviews, travel reviews or any website that provides comparative analysis earn through affiliate programs and commissions.Online marketplaces like Amazon too have great affiliate programs.

There are affiliate programs for home-based bloggers too. Selling health and beauty products from Oriflame, Amway and the like; or even data entry services attract affiliate income. Affiliate marketing often requires you to place a tracking code snippet on your website – this will help the affiliate manager track the traffic generated or re-directed by your site.

Quick trivia question: Did you know that most of us are affiliates for Google?

If not for Google AdWords, our ads wouldn’t have reached millions of people at once. And sure, Google takes her share of the money from user’s click-throughs on our website!

Host online courses and webinars

Let me confess – over the past two decades, online courses have bewitched me mind, body and soul.Websites like Coursera and Udemy have so many interesting technical and non-technical courses and webinarsfor a modest price. Each one of these get your attention by offering some free course, and then coax you to do the full course.

These sites invest heavily in Google and Facebook sponsorships ads–they persevere by staying with you until your instinct to become a betterhuman being kicks in.If their content is really good, people don’t actually mind paying for the entire course, and why not! It is a smart, easy and a good way to make money online. Plus, it benefits the society as well.

No pointers for guessing that the paid online courses are the ones that keeps the cash registers ringing.

Video-logging (or vlogging) and endorsements

Vlogging is a brilliant way to get noticed. You can vlog about almost anything. Back in 2014, I used to follow a non-celebrity couple who had vowed to vlog every single day of their life. It was like getting to know new people in the neighborhood – and fans loved them. People took to their advice seriously too; they’d try any products that was being endorsed in the vlogs.

Professional vlogs, videos, short films and viral content videos are all over the place. Vloggers typically build a fan base and then start endorsing products or services in their videos. Take Archana’s Kitchen for example – she uses sponsored products in her cooking recipes – or places them strategically in view. The video is done so artfully that the products being endorsed don’t stand out glaringly, but they do leave an impression. I have also seen services and websites being endorsed in short films. For example, this video from Dice Media has given ample footage to Toni & Guy hair salon and weaved in their sponsor, Velvet Case, in the story-line.

Such endorsements are of altruistic benefit for the advertisers as well – instead of paying a hefty sum for a formal advertising space on TV or the radio, they find a vlogger with millions of followers, and pay them less than a tenth of the amount for endorsements. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

I hope you have enough ideas to make money off of your blog. Mix and match whatever works for you; or invent your own best strategies. We also found a super cool graphic online that’d instantly inspire you.