best wordpress Media plugins

WordPress comes with dozens of pre-set features, capabilities, functionalities and amazing elements to build up websites in matter of minutes without having coding or programming knowledge. However, WordPress plugins improve performance, speed, and adds essence to your website, if you missed one of these top 10 best WordPress Media plugins.

Lightbox Evolution WordPress media plugin


 Lightbox evolution is a tool and more precisely a script for displaying a wide varieties of content be it images, html content, maps, videos, HTML elements, SWF movies, Ajax requests and loads more floating on your web page using a lightbox type window all without leaving the page. Lightbox evolution works on all modern browsers and sets up in a snap besides being completely customizable through the settings and CSS. It’s amazing!!! Your WordPress website can be good-looking but not functional without Lightbox Evolution WordPress media plugin!!! Download!!!

Google Maps WordPress media plugin

google maps

 Google Maps WordPress media plugin is one of the most downloaded and widely-used plugin available for WordPress. Google Maps plugin is thus no doubt a must-have powerful yet resourceful plugin, letting your visitors or users have a quick view of an area or location on map or get directions in seconds.

Custom backgrounds WordPress media plugin


 Webpages or blogs without a background images looks uninteresting and sour. Custom backgrounds WordPress media plugin as the name says is all about adorning or decorating your web page background. This plugin helps you add an image to the page background, choose background color and define other settings to individual posts, post categories, or to your entire blog, right from the dashboard to enable great deal of visual treat to all your visitors.

Uber audio WordPress media plugin

uber audio /a>

 If your WordPress website is about Music, then Uber audio WordPress media plugin is yours. Uber audio WordPress media plugin is an incredible audio player plugin out in the market with a custom playlist to embed, manage, and showcase a music repository store in minutes. Add jazz to your websites or blogs giving an ultimate listening experience to your users with Uber audio WordPress media plugin.

Ultimate DJ Manager WordPress media plugin

ultimate Dj manager

 Ultimate DJ Manager WordPress media plugin is an awesome WordPress plugin great for music oriented websites, blended with 3 great apps of Soundcloud Player, MP3-Player in Flash with HTML5 fallback and a Gigs Scheduler to embed, manage and support your own playlist, latest tracks, user tracks, and loads more.

Youtube SEO playlist WordPress media plugin


 Do you want to display video content in the best way?? Youtube SEO playlist WordPress media plugin is here to transform all your cluttered YouTube links into a video playlist on the fly. Besides, the plugin will help you administrate/customize the entire video player using a very easy-to-use admin interface, while SEO feature being an added benefit.

Hotspot Map WordPress media plugin


 Hotspot Map WordPress media plugin as the name clearly depicts is all about highlighting important content, event, and other information on your webpage or any other location you want using pop-up and annotations. This must be an old concept, but with powerful editor support the spotting process is made more precise and positioned. Yes, it is all visual now, no more specifying coordinates and dimensions, all you need to do is click the location you want to add a spot at and you are done.

ecards WordPress media plugin


 Electronic cards have become very popular in this digital era to convey best wishes or messages to your loved ones, friends or relatives. Make business with e-cards and get a share of happiness too by downloading ecards WordPress media plugin. This plugin helps you start your e-card business site in simple clicks and tweaks besides helps your users to select their favorite e-card, add personal message and send to any mail address instantly. Go download ecards WordPress media plugin help people share happiness and love.

youtube WordPress media plugin


 YouTube WordPress media plugin is very simple it’s all about adding a “YouTube” tab to your video upload options to easily and instantly view YouTube videos in your posts or pages without having to leave your blog to find the URL link of the video on YouTube. To be simple, your website gets integrated with the YouTube function to watch amazing videos of your interests all without leaving your website and make people stick and follow your website again and again.

create portfolio WordPress media plugin


 Create portfolio WordPress media plugin is a best plugin for all the creative WordPress users out there especially designers, artists and photographers aspiring to show-up their work in the best possible way. This plugin is amazingly modern, easy to manage, mobile-friendly, and complimented with loads many features and functionalities to help stock your work with the world.

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