What is the value of blog comments in SEO?

What is the value of blog comments in SEO?

What is the value of blog comments in SEO

Do you think comments on blog are still effective in social media world? Yes, leaving comments on blogs is nice strategy for building a social web , improve seo efforts and drive more business. Blog commenting is one of the search marketing strategy which is popular in market. It also plays a role in branding and online marketing.

Why is it so important for SEO?

In SEO point of view blog commenting completely refers to link building. Webmasters and blog author will submit comments on other blogs that relates to same topic of his website. It is very cost efficient and effective way to do lot of things that gives search results. Some of them are:

  • It drives traffic.
  • Network will helps in targeting the audience.
  • Build quality links to website.
  • Expertise by answering questions and improves industry knowledge.
  • Create your brand on web.

Why search engines like the comments?

It keeps the page fresh: As all we know that search engines will ramp on the importance of freshness. Having regular flow of comments may increase the freshness of the page. You can find the wonders on rankings.

Comments will create content for search engines: If someone comments on your website it adds an content value to your page. No need of bother about the rank.

Strong indication of value: If you are gaining lot of comments on page this will show reflect on search engines. This will make perfect candidate for increased ranking. Search engine main job is to deliver high quality and relevant information to the users. So having comments may put you in high.

Here are the small tips to increase the SEO benefits

Traffic and rank: Maximize the impact of blog commenting for seo. The best practice is comment on the blog which have high traffic and page rank. It will add value to the SEO by building links from your blog comments. There are lots of sites offering the page rank status so make use of this and gain traffic.

Relevance: Choose the topic which is related to your niche and start commenting on those blogs. The post which you comment on should be related to the subject to your website and promote.

Interaction: Make an interaction with author and blog commenter’s of the blog post. Increase the conversation and provides insightful comments.

Expertise: Validate your industry expertise by including well researched answers, educated in comments and submitting comments which add value to the discussion and post.

Lot of web marketing and SEO specialist overlook to be trained in implementation of blog commenting strategies to improve search engine and ranking visibility of websites and other online assets like social media accounts. Using the tips we expect our marketers to build a perfect and effective blog commenting campaign to promote the website.

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