Build your SEO campaign using Google webmaster tool

Build your SEO campaign using Google webmaster tool

Build your SEO campaign using Google webmaster tool

Google webmaster tool allows the webmaster to check optimize visibility and indexing status of websites. By using this tool webmasters gained a lot of advantage. It will show traffic for each keyword separately. This tool shows the information about website performance according to google search query. Many Search experts depend on google webmaster tools to analyze the technical aspect of website.

For strong SEO campaign one need to concentrate on Google webmaster tool. This helps in monitoring your website in indexing, pointing, popular keywords and many more. If your site is active in webmaster tools means sure it will being fully indexed and ranking well. Starting with google webmaster is simple, just signed up and login to the google webmaster dashboard tool. There you can add your site. Make sure that you properly optimize the webmaster tool to improve your traffic. Just give a glance on the below mentioned topics.

Mark these points while working with Google webmaster tool

Search queries gives both keyword and traffic information. Query will let you know what the keywords your site is ranked for are. This is best method to know and you can able to concentrate more on the keywords whether they are working are not. Impressions are useful to know how many people are seeing your website for specific keyword search. Clicks lets you know how many searchers seeing your site and taking action to click on search result. CTR helps in identifying how much percentage of people clicking on your site in search results. Average Position metric shows your site typically ranks for each keyword.

Optimize the existing post

You can find traffic section under search queries where google shows the keywords that are used to find website and position in search results. Use google keyword tool to increase your traffic. For successful blogging keywords are important. Concentrate on the links, change the title and get links back to this post.

Keep an eye on HTML Errors

HTML errors will affect the indexing on your site. So follow the google report and try to resolve that errors as early as possible. You can earn more traffic by resolving the errors. As all we know that in SEO word it is important having unique meta descriptions and optimized title tags. So by this report you can easily identify the issues and you can improve your efforts.

Structured data

You can explain the content of your website to search engines by structured data. Find this report under Search appearance ->structured data. This will make search engine to detect the type of structured data on your site.

Site links

While linking your site google displays a few additional links in the search results which are automatically created by google. But in google webmaster tool you can control them by demote up to 100 different links by selecting the better and best link putting into it. By doing this you can have better links and chance of gaining more clicks.

Geographic targeting

You can target the users by using the geographic target option which is in build in the webmaster tool. This helps in informing the google which country you are mainly targeting to. This can improve the ranking.

Add a sitemap

You can view all the sitemaps that you have added along with statistics like no.of pages submitter, last date and indexed. These can be viewed by images, videos, meaning web and news. One of the great features is sitemap test option. When you submit the URL to sitemap, google scans it and quickly detect the errors which need to be fixed.

Remove bad URLs

This is one of the powerful tool, you need to handle with caution. If you planned to remove a URL from googles index you can remove URLs feature in tool webmaster. You will be intimated by google that your site consists of unnatural links which crossed google webmaster guidelines. Then you need to remove those links if not this may reduce your traffic.

When developing an SEO strategy google webmaster tool can provide you a unique perspective. You can understand how your site is working and help to improve your performance.

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