Building back links – SEO Beginner tutorial

back links
Before getting deep into the topic lets learn few basic points useful for beginners.

Back links are the main building blocks of an effective SEO where in a hyperlink is directed towards your/other website which is the indication of popularity or valuable information present in the website.

Natural Back links (precise not spam) helps you fetch enormous success in promoting and marketing any information/product/services as Search engines give more credits to the websites that have good number of relevant links that matters. However, building effective back links are just not easy to get your website noticed.

Here I share few ideas and simple tricks to create highly resourceful site-to-site back links:

Checkout and implement one that pacifies your present SEO strategies and helps your website performs well in the natural search results.

Link Bait content

“Link bait” refers to a strong and high quality content including articles, videos, infographics and other types of content that use intentionally provocative titles and informative compact subjects to makes targeted audiences mesmerized with both with the content and back links.

Examples of link bait include

  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Content that takes a controversial stand on a popular topic
  • Resource roundup articles
  • Latest news pieces that cover an industry change

In addition to the “link bait” make sure you publish and distribute the precise and high quality content to gain enough word-of-mouth interest that automatically leads to natural back links.

Guest articles on industries

Is your website new and the visitors following your website is very low??

Here is a simple tip that helps gain good readership to spread your content all across the internet write and publish guest articles for other websites in your business domain.

For instance, if your website is all about “pets care” write free articles for websites that are dealing with the domain “pets” in exchange for an incredibly powerful link back to your website. This process of link exchanging helps escalate your traffic from hosting websites that already has a large number of visitor followers or traffic to your own.

How to do this???

  • Check out websites of your business domains in search engines along with guest author.
  • “[your industry] guest author”
  • Choose the best known, most trafficked sites on the list
  • Follow the instructions on sites to contact site owners for guest writing proposal
  • Develop reliable and premium content to build brand awareness
  • Promote the published guest posts socially to build support with the hosting site owner.

Makes sure you write for the most trafficked sites to do posting, writing for a low trafficked sites may not fetch you good amount of visitors following your websites.

Leverage existing memberships and relationships

Need more and more back links for your website?

Check out all the memberships and relationships you already have and see if your membership allows you to place a link to your website in your member profile to promote any of your products or services that you feel would benefit their audience members.

I know many of the webmasters would ignore your idea. However, you will find webmasters who work best to provide resourceful information their website followers and visitors and agree to accept the proposal of placing back links to your sites on their web pages.

Get ideas from competitors back links

Check out your competitors’ back links!!! What exactly is your competitor doing to get so much traffic and people following the website? Yes!!! This technique really works and is one of the most effective means to get back links incorporated on to your websites like the one the most trafficked website has in the same domain.

SEOMoz Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO are the best Software tools to do this which helps you have a free glimpse at the back links of the websites of your competitors.

Use free or paid services and have a complete list of all the back links pointing at your desired site. Get registered with  the SEOMoz Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO  websites and type the URLs of your competitors into the “Search Bar” section and you will be provided with all the back links of your required site.

More the back links!! More the relevant content!! More the page rank!! More is the profit.