Free Chrome extensions for web designers

Free Chrome extensions for web designers

Technology is growing day by day. Companies and organizations are growing rapidly with latest updates. As we know the chrome is competing with firefox. Chrome started lots of developing tools and extensions which make the browser friendlier than ever before. Stay tune for knowing the latest updates and current details. Now we are presenting impressive chrome extensions that help more to the designers and developers. Let’s have a look

Code cola free chrome extension



Code cola is free chrome extension used for editing online pages. It helps in generating the CSS visibility. Just go through the link and you will get to know how much it is useful. As a developer you need to find the details of the extension. A single click it will easily add to your chrome.

Stay focused free chrome extension




You can get more work done with this extension. It limits how much time you spend on non-productive websites. You will be having chance on how much time you need to spend on non productive sites. If you think that you are spending and wasting time on the social websites then make use of this stayfocused to cut the distractions. It is highly configurable. It will allow or block the entire sites, specific paths, pages and subdomains. Just a single click you can download the extension with no cost, its free.

Web developer checklist free chrome extension



Do you want to know how your site is being performed and how it is optimized for SEO? Then this extension is the great choice to let you know about all this details. It notifies you of many powerful problems that are affecting your site performance like titles or Meta descriptions. You can check this all in basic checklist or just click on in-depth checklist of issues.

Palette free chrome extension for web designers



Do you want to create a palette from any image? It is so easy to change the color for the image. Just a single click you can grab some colors for inspiration. So start using and customize as you like.

Color tweaker free chrome extension



Color tweaker makes you to choose an ideal color for your website. You can check how your website going to look.

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