A Comparison Of Magento And Prestashop

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Ecommerce industry is the most important of all the industries in the recent era. The two major factors that have driven ecommerce industry to become the leader of the market are the trust of customers and the recognition in world wide. Magento and PrestaShop has gained a lot of exposure over the entire market and they have the record of maximum number of developers and users. The main reasons for why these are popular are given below,ecommerce
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Positives Of Magento

• Zend framework is used to build MAgento. The architecture of magento is framed in a way such that it is very much flexible.
• Magento can be customized as per the wish of the developers. This makes you to control and manage each and every aspect of your magento cms.
• The search engine optimization features are all provided within this magento .
• Magento provides unique features of shopping cart that are not offered by the other carts.
• The advanced multi store function that is present in magento lets it easy for it to manage even a large enterprise business.

Positives Of PrestaShop

• It is very much easy to download PrestaShop as well as to install it.
• No matter you are having a middle sized business or a small sized business, PrestaShop is vvery much suited for your business. You can also easily learn how to manage your cart which is built in PrestaShop.
• In order to host your PestraShop web site, you really do not need a dedicated hosting and all. If you have just a shared hosting, that is well and good.
• When you compare the sedrvices that are being offered by Magento and PestraShop, the support that is offered by PestraShop is really fast and pleasant.

If you consider the design aspect of both these platforms, you can easily get in to a conclusion on this issue.

Gorgeous Magento Templates

• Magento has a very good integration with respect to the Jquery part.
• You can structure your store items in a very simple and effective manner with the help of the product grid that is released recently.
• The dual column view of the Magento makes it easy to display the items that you would like to display. The footer part is very easy to integrate and customize as per your wish.
• There is a zoom option provided to every product with which you can zoom the products
• There are options like related products, cross sell, etc. which will make your products sell each other for you.

Cute PrestaShop Themes

• The users can easily search and find the products with which they are interested in. The brand slider present in PrestaShop helps the users to search and sort the products with respect to brand.
• You can also use the traditional grid view with the help of PrestaShop.
• There are also a lot of other sort options available in PrestaShop, as we have different set of features in magento.