Onion free responsive wordpress theme – Download new free responsive wordpress theme 2014

Onion free responsive wordpress theme – Download new free responsive wordpress theme 2014

We have launched a new Onion free responsive wordpress theme which is best and top stunning free responsive WordPress theme for your online growth. There are so many free themes out there in the market but choosing the perfect quality theme is very important. Responsive theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to any platform device. Use this clean and minimal theme for your new or existing websites. Sure this onion free responsive wordpress theme will let your content shine.

Onion free responsive wordpress theme




Onion free responsive wordpress theme offers you different blog layouts. This feature helps the webmaster in editing and customization of their own blog without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Using a few clicks of the mouse one can easily customize the fonts, colors, sidebar and header of the blog. Two column full width, default with right side bar, full width, two column with left side bar, three column with left side bar, three column full width, three column with right side bar and four column full width are the layout options given by the onion free responsive wordpress team makers.

Hope you heard about the widgets in wordpress, yes its nothing but a small block that performs huge and specific function. It is simple and easy to use way of giving structure and design of the wordpress theme to the user. Drag and drop options makes still more easily to work with the widgets. Adding, removing and arranging of the content are now painless. Onion free responsive free wordpress theme consists of some inbuilt widgets which are commonly used by the webmaster. No need of adding extra widgets, if so required you can but why can’t you check our list of inbuilt widgets. Sure you will like it. Here is the list of widgets included in onion free responsive wordpress theme.

  • Slider widget
  • News in pictures
  • Ads widget
  • Author posts
  • Category posts
  • Recent posts, random posts with thumbs, latest posts, description and title
  • Search widget
  • Tabbed widget with latest, random and recent posts

Don’t you think this is a wonderful opportunity to choose this onion responsive theme? Why to delay start downloading with just a few clicks.

Responsive onion theme includes an amazing theme features which supports the buyer with all facilities. Every client is expecting that the website which is build should be compatible with all the device platforms like ipad, mobile and systems. Keeping this in mind we have structured a nice free wordpress theme that matches to the latest trends and requirements. One can easily access this onion free responsive wordpress with all screen resolutions.

Multilevel responsive menu is just a single menu with two stylesheets. One is for the horizontal dropdown flyout menu that is commonly used in PCs and the other is for smartphones and tablets. This type of menus will work for all the latest browsers and operating systems. On the touch screens the first tap will open with sub menu and second tap will activate the link whereas on the PCs it works as a standard multi-level menu with hovers for sub menus and flyouts to the left and right.

Google fonts are the other stunning feature included in this onion free responsive wordpress theme. Google fonts allow you to add fonts to any web page. Make your web beautiful with the help of google fonts. These are easy to use and work in most browsers.

Popular, recent and random posts widgets, sticky menus, category posts widget, author posts widget, easy to use, right and left side bars, custom beautiful 404 page, full width layout, customizable post meta, upload logo from admin and bootstrap 3.0 are the additional features of the theme.

Allow the visitors to link with your social profiles. You can observe the social icons on the top right header part of the theme. Lot of space you can add all the social network icons which you are linked with your business. Visitors can operate the social icons from the footer area also. If you want to present your data in grid format, then this onion free responsive theme will support you in building the nice theme. Complete theme lies on white background. Elements on the white gives brighter look to the website. Onion free responsive wordpress theme provides a huge space to promote the site with rich content. Whatever the business may be this onion responsive wordpress theme can adapt easily and gives you a lot of profit. Start utilizing the theme. Watch the demo and own the theme with free of cost.

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