Facebook starts testing graph search on mobile

Facebook starts testing graph search on mobile

Facebook graph search on mobile

In March 2013 the most popular social network Facebook introduced a semantic search engine called as Facebook graph search. It finds the information from within a user’s network of friends. It’s almost a year facebook introduced graph search tool for broadly searching data sitting on the social network. Now facebook appears to be starting the process of releasing the graph search tool on smartphones and tablets.

The technology is growing day by day glowing out with new features and technology. People are expecting to complete their works without pressure and less time. Graph search is very similar as the search engines. How the user tries to get the information from the local search engines as the same the graph search helps the facebook users to find the data. The results will be based on keywords, phrases and even objects on the site. These results will retrieve based on the friends and interest expressed on facebook. It also shaped by user’s privacy settings. The graph search of facebook includes the types like pages, places, people, objects with location, posts and comments. The entries into the search bar are auto completed as user start type it show the results which are similar like facebook suggesting friends and second degree connects, facebook pages, automatically generated topics and produce the results. The search operation is depends on the user involvement. This helps in adding the new friends quickly.

Facebook freshly confirmed its testing a mobile version of graph search. Though the news is not unexpected but the facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg pointed this during the companys fourth quarter earnings that this “mobile graph search will roll out the intelligent social search engine to mobile pretty soon”. Graph search is really the major feature of facebook which is released for desktop first. The company is already in the process of testing the functionality and some of the users are already seeing the changes. User can feel the same whatever the desktop offers.

Graph search is going to be a powerful mobile search product. Facebook said that they are having 945 million monthly active users on mobile and rapidly increasing in day to day, introducing the graph search in mobiles may move the facebook little high. Zukerberg tries to explain the lag in a mobile release with remarks about the complexity of indexing more than one trillion connections and a trillion status updates. He also said that, it is not such an easy task it took a year to introduce the graph search. In October the facebook engineer talked about the graph search that he highlighted the fact that the “posts index” is larger than any other at facebook.

A small test for mobile feature is pretty typical. But the results by this are larger. This feature was first noticed by the Mashable reporter Seth Fiegerman who tweeted this screen shot of the feature. Don’t know when the facebook going to launch completely on mobiles but this may happen within less time.

Graph search helps people explore facebook in a whole new way. The results of graph search are different for everyone based on what you have shared with them. So lets wait to see the graph search in our mobiles.

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