Use fetch as google tool to index your content faster

fetch as google tool

Fetch as googlebot is the feature in webmaster tools. It will helps your website running like a well oiled machine. Normally SEOs will use two tools on regular basis are crawl errors and sitemap submission tool. Fetch as google option became one of it in toolkit. This helps in submit the URL to index the page. This tool can be utilized by bloggers, SEO strategist and webmasters. It allows submitting the new and updated URLs to google for indexing. When you submit the URL the googlebot will crawl the URL maximum within a day.

If suppose you have launched a new site or added extra pages you can ask the googlbot to find and crawl them immediately rather than waiting to discover them naturally. Do you want to refresh the URLs? Submit the URLs already crawled for refreshment of the site. Marketers and website owners often publish new content and pages on blogs. So this will be included in the XML sitemap and then resubmit their sitemap to search engines.

Check the beauty of “fetch as” in google webmaster tool

Not verifies your website with google webmaster tool? Here you go.

Have a look on fetch as google from webmaster tool.


Step 1: Go to google webmaster tools home page ->choose a domain name->drag the crawl menu->click Fetch as google menu link

Step 2: Enter your webpage or URL into the input field->click FETCH button.

Step 3: Verify whether the fetch status is successful or not. If it is successful you can click on the Submit to index button.

Submit URL

Step 1:  Use diagnostics->Fetch as googlebot to fetch the URL which you want to submit to google.

Step 2: If the URL is successfully fetched means then you can see submit to index appearing next to fetched URL.

Step 3: Click on the submit to index you can see a dialog box asking that whether you want to submit to URL or URL and all linked pages.

Note: When submitting the URLs you will be having maximum limit of 50 submissions in a week.  As the same for URLs with all linked pages is having 10 submissions per month. Don’t worry you can see how many submissions you have made on the Fetch as googlebot page.

URL which is submitting should point to content which is suitable for google web search. So if you have a plan of submitting the videos or images means you should use sitemaps. As all we know that the googlebot is pretty good about crawling and finding new data, so don’t neglect to use this wonderful tool for every change or update on your site. Adding the Fetch as google tool to your marketing tricks will help your content in front of google searchers much faster. Add this to your checklist and implement it to get found yourself sooner. It will make you easy to sit back and watch the search engine results more quickly.