Find Google analytics within google+ dashboards

Find Google analytics within google+ dashboards

google analytics within google+

A Google+ page dashboard is integrated with Google analytics monthly metrics. The advocate of Google analytics Daniel Waisberg announced about the new feature that adds google analytics to the dashboard of google+ page. If the google+ page of a company links back to your website and your site also uses google analytics. You can find a google+ card appearing in your dashboard.

Google+ is an identity service and social networking site which is operated by Google. It is not only a social layer but also an authorship tool that associates web content directly with its author. Do you know how popular is google+? It is second largest social network site in the world. A google+ profile is a public visible account of user which is attached to many google properties. Like other social networks google+ also includes elements such as profile photo, background photo, interests, work and school history. Circle is the core feature of google+ platform. You can organize the people and groups using this feature. Hangouts are the other feature where you can experience the free video conferencing call with 10 people. Google+ badges, events, apps, hash tags and games are the additional features of Google+.

Google Analytics is also a google product that helps in giving the clear statistics about websites traffic, measures sales, conversions and traffic sources. This is marked as the best tool for webmasters. It will track the visitors from all referrers like social networks and search engines. Google analytics also displays PPC networks, email marketing, advertising and digital collateral. The main approach of google analytics is to show dashboard type data to the user in the form of a report set. This helps the user in improving the site with all modifications and gives high performance results of a site. E-commerce reporting of google analytics can track the sales activity and performance.

Combining the google+ and google analytics will results better and brings more traffic. If your company’s google+ page links back to your website and also your site also uses google analytics then you can find a google+ card in your dashboard which shows the number if new visits, page views and unique visitors linked to that page. The data can be displayed for prior 30 days of visits. The google card shows google analytics data for the website linked to your google+ page.

The analytical card is so short and sweet. By this excellent feature there is no extra work needed than linking your google+ page to your website. The other cards that you can found on google+ page dashboard are:

  • Notifications related to the page.
  • Maps and search general business data related to the page.
  • Business insights on the websites discovery and reach on google.

Google analytics got another change in their interface. Former bright orange headers and buttons now got changed with google gray. Customized reports are having their own link called “customization” lies between admin and reporting links at the top of the page.

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