Google brings android to cars with open automotive alliance (OAA)

android to cars

Google is in research to find a new organization to bring the android mobile operating system into cars.

Open Automotive alliance (OAA) is the founder and the remaining as asked the remaining as the members of the OAA. Top brands of cars like Honda, Hyundai, Nvidia, audi and gm added their names to OAA. This will become a unique platform for android integration with connected cars. So many people already getting an android phones and tablets into the cars but it is not yet driving optimized experience.

So Google took an OAA as a partner and working on this to initiate the android devices and adapting android for the car. It makes you more enjoyable and driving safer. This brings a great opportunity to app developers who can extend the variety and depth of android for drivers. Google raised a call for more car manufactures to join the OAA.

It will allow the millions of android users who earn the cars to use favorite apps and music. No need of using the android in any other device by holding in hand. It is the permanent fixture in your car. The car manufactures also showing interest on this android apps and joining with the OAA. Till now the consumers and automotive technologies never been closely designed but this alliance will show you the way for faster innovation.

Bringing the digital lives into the vehicles is the mission main aim. Google and OAA are expecting more brands to participate in the Android platform and make the successful delivery of the product to the world.

Google venture is definitely a bigger step forward than the apple in implementing the mobile OS directly in car technology. OAA expecting to see this by end of the 2014.

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