Why Google changes your title tag in the search results

Why Google changes your title tag in the search results

Why Google changes your title tag in the search results

Why do Google changes the titles in search results? Because the alternative titles usually improve the Click through rate. We will use many signals to decide which title should point to the users. But in some cases having single title for the page is not best one to show for all queries. There are algorithms which generate alternative titles to make convenient to the user for recognizing the relevant pages. Moreover the alternative titles are more relevant to the raised query and manually improve the click through rates. This will add advantage for both webmasters and searchers.

Title tag is the first part that display in the search result. Meta description and actual URL are the shown after that. Search results are mainly depends on the user queries. Google changes the titles based on series of algorithmic tests. A valuable content with good title improves the user satisfaction. Some of the research found that google can dynamically change the title based on the query. You can observe the changes made by the google.

Why google changes titles?

Google’s best intention is to provide the user with right information for the query. So it changes the title to serve better to the user. If the site consists of solid information and the page doesn’t have title then google steps to provide that with a nice title. If suppose every page on a site is having the same title, google provide assistance for this blunder while the SEO curses the developer. Sometimes if google feels that it’s not better title then it will replace a generic title tag which is more appropriate. This all work is done by google for better match of queries and to increase CTR.

Practices for title tags

After recent changes of google, best practices for title tags have come into live. It increases the font size from 16px to 18px and removed underline. This leads the SERPs appear easier and cleaner to read. Same way increasing of the font size also reduces the no.of characters that appear short. Let’s see some practices for title tags.

  • Title tag should be 512 pixels width that means generally 55 to 60 characters.
  • Make the title tags more readable.
  • Unique title is maintained.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Keep the keywords much close to the beginning because the closer a word may give more influence.
  • If you want to include the brand in the title tags means place them at the end.

Test your title tags

  • Keep the brands at the beginning of category or subcategory at the end of a second group and remove them completely from the third group. Check how the google reacts and look at CTR.
  • Suppose if you have an in-depth articles try to expand a few title tags to match the keywords and convey two different but same views. Check the affect on traffic.

Follow the SEO best practices for more results.

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