Google publisher plugin (beta) for wordpress

google publisher plugin for wordpress

Google released the google publisher plugin for wordpress. The plugin allows you to access google adsense and webmaster tool for a blog. This plugin is still in beta stage where it has to check whether it will work well on wordpress sites or not. You can expect bugs during this stage.

WordPress now powers more than 20 % of websites so it’s not an surprising issue that google decided to take the wordpress seriously. WordPress is an open source platform mostly used as a content management system. Many bloggers of wordpress may know how to create a page for webmaster tool verification and where to include an Adsense code. To help the wordpress webmaster with two major google products like Adsense and webmaster tools google has released a wordpress plugin. There is no need of having the template modification experience and HTML or CSS knowledge for adding the adsense. This google Adsense plugin makes it more easy for webmaster to add the code to their wordpress blog.

What can you do with the plugin

Google webmaster tools: It gives a detail report of your page visibility on google. Just one click you can verify your site on webmaster tool.
Google Adsense: You can gain profits by placing ads on your site. This plugin links to wordpress site to adsense account. This makes easy to place ads on the site without the need of any HTML code.

After adding the adsense publisher id to the google plugin you can select your ad placements. This gives you an option where do you like to display Adsense on your blog. Just a click in a respective area where you want to display your adsense ads and the plugin will continues for the rest. Lot of third party adsense plugins got released previously but they don’t have a very high click through rate for ads.

Google plug-in will definetly able to choose high optimized placements for your adsense ads. It gives more ad revenue for publishers. It is going to be a popular plugin for Adsense publishers to add Adsense for wordpress blog. The other is the webmaster tool verification. Simply follow the instructions and it will show whether your site is properly verified or not. It is a simple task. Just download the plugin and upload it to your wordpress plugin directory. It would be awesome if google display any site issues and warnings on the wordpress dashboard when the webmaster logs in because majority of the people login to their site or blog more than they would into the webmaster tool.

google publisher plugin for wordpress

To use and get start with this tool all the users have to open the plug-in and select it if they want to see the preview of their site. You can see the red markers on the homepage showing where ads would fit. User has to select the spot to start their services. This all done by the google automatically after installing the plug-in. Presently the plug-in support four ad formats like automatic, vertical banner, horizontal banner and rectangle.

Google is so smart to implement this in a single all in one plugin. Keep watching for the updates of the plugin.

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