How to monitor and manage negative social comments & complaints

How to monitor and manage negative social comments & complaints

Most of the brands don’t have an effective strategy to deal with negative comments on social networks. Social media is the platform where companies can get unmediated and direct access to customers and prospects. Though the positive comments allow you to stand in the market but the negative can through you down. So keep an eye on the negative comments. Building a nice website is very hard and you do not want that to be destroyed by a disgruntled customer. One negative comment may brings you lot of change in business. Social media is now everything in the internet world.

Many people will be having second thought about the social media world because they are afraid of negative comments. However the negative is already happening but without the social media sites the companies are not getting fame. Let’s see how to monitor the negative comments.

Keep track on complaints and trolls: Negative comments will rise mainly on these two trolls and valid complaints. When you find the valid compliant from the customer on your social media sites take the action quickly. Trolls are nothing but the public spam which is unrelated to your business. Don’t let that type of people to use your social media channels.

Responding: Use respectful and playful tone to respond. If you learn how to respond to the negative comments on social media sites, then your customers will be happy to support you better.

Quick to acknowledge: Speed is the essence. Notice the customers issue as quickly as possible.

You can’t react if you don’t know: To find the negative comments related to your site you need to vigilant for all mentions of your company, people, brands and products.

Have a separate contact or email: Get the details from the social sites and contact them by sending message.

Be transparent: Don’t try to excuse or hide. If it’s your mistake try to apologize.

Take it offline: Try to take the discussion offline. You can’t always gauge a customer’s tone online.

Ask for help: If you are not sure how to respond to a comment just seek for a help who has an experience in dealing customer complaints.  

Social media is a unique public environment which has its own expectations and culture. PR and traditional customer service is not enough. Just see how to handle the negativity

Document it: As soon as you got the negative comments firstly take a screen capture of document. Sometimes those can be deleted or modified by the poster. It will be like a proof to the master. This will be important when the matter is more serious.

Don’t delete negative comments: Deleting the things on the internet is not good way. Do block users who abuse the site and remove irrelevant comments.

Respond to every compliant in the public stream: addressing the issue is the culture of social media. Discuss every detail in public. Maintain a proper communication through comments.

Use any other place for complaints: Provide the customers a other option to discuss. Then follow through that and get back the customers quickly.

Monitor your reputation: Keep an eye on your reputation. Check out frequently about your organizations.

Social media offers a way to engage with prospects and customers. As in offline we should get ready to deal with unhappy customers regularly. Handling them is one of the tactics. If you make the customers happy automatically they will give you an honor in public.