Have a look on Small business marketing tips 2014

Have a look on Small business marketing tips 2014

Small business marketing tips

Business marketing is a marketing practice of organizations. It is also known as industrial marketing. It’s important for every business owners to spare time to plan their own marketing strategy. What are the plans to beat the competitors? How to grow the business? Whatever the business either small or big planning is very important. Want to meet by knowing the latest trends and technologies. Here are the small tips for your business growth.

Build a simple website

Website is the central component for any business where your customers can easily find and connect with you. More than half of the small business owners don’t have a website. Build an effective website. Some of the things to keep in mind are

  • Maintain contact information consistent and visible
  • Regularly update the content in the site
  • Use the searchable keywords on the front end and backend
  • Keep an eye on website analytics
  • Make it easy to use

Make sure that website is mobile optimized

Consumers are using different devices for fetching the information. Smartphones and tablets are used to search for information and shop products and services. So make sure your site is properly optimized. Recent serveys declared that maximum number of users using the mobiles for extracting data. How to start?

  • Build a mobile specific website
  • Conduct mobile audit
  • Ensure mobile users, what they can do on the site

Manage online reviews

Online reviews are playing a key role in consumer purchasing behavior. Want to buy a product or to know the information the consumers are keeping their eye on the reviews. Avoid the negative reviews on your site. Small business owners should spend time on mapping or improving the online reviews. Consider the following tips to develop online review plan.

  • Be positive and respond immediately
  • Prevent customers writing a negative review
  • Monitor review sites frequently
  • Encourage the good customers to leave a positive reviews

Build a listing presence

Whatever types of the business either small or big it will appear on the business listing websites. Be sure that your business listing is complete. Check up your listing whether they are accurate with all services. This provides your consumers having much information as they need to make decision before contacting you.

Engage with social media presence

Most of the consumers today are spending time on social media networks. Do connect with social media channels which suites to your business so that you can target the audience. How to improve social media:

  • Build an editorial calendar to remain engaged
  • Analyze which social media works best for your business
  • Respond in polite manner to consumer questions
  • Share your deeds

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Don’t forget to do SEO for your website. This includes creating a valuable content regularly, having proper keywords, click throughs from search engine result pages, focusing on the good link building, getting inbound links from relevant sites and linking out to relevant sites with authority.

Rather than these you can grow your business on web by posting videos, sending emails, creating content and many more.

Track results reporting

Use results reporting to inform your strategy. Have a look on results report how far you have reached in growing your business and thereafter you can plan accordingly.

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