High CTR WordPress Themes

While we are not die-hard fans of digital advertising ourselves, we admit that excellent advertising on your website can really turn your online business around by 360 degree. To achieve this, you need to use WordPress themes that have a high click-through rate (CTR). We’ve looked all over the web to track down top WordPress themes that work brilliantly with your advertising campaigns.

Let’s cut to the chase…


Diviis a great visual theme from Elegant Themes–one of the best for video-based content. With multiple page layout templates, impressive drag-and-drop features and top-class interfacing capabilities, Divi is an extremely functional WordPress theme. We’ve seen this theme deliver high CTR for websites with massive advertising content, for eg: sponsored ad for a free masterclass of a paid online course.


The name says it all! Admania is a highly optimized Theme Forest themefor Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and sponsored advertising. With a front-end ad live editor and customizable layouts that enable a high CTR, Admania can cater to a wide variety of websites. It also lets the website owner build content around the ads such that the ads never seem like the primary purpose of the website. Admania is a desktop and web-optimized theme that doesn’t compromise on website performance–definitely one to consider.


Again, the name is a big give-away. Viral is a good optimized MyThemeShop theme for websites supposedly hosting viral content, i.e. viral videos and posts that are shared over and over a large number of times. It integrates very well with all types of social media–there are several widgets to choose from. It is highly optimized for performance.


Theme Forest’s Newsmag has a breezy news magazine feel to it. The site is 100% optimized for both Google Adsense and organic rankings. It is also optimized for social media and analytics. The theme is responsive and is supported on various WordPress platforms, even on platforms that are over 5+ years old.


Ad-Sense from MyThemeShop has all the usual ad-optimizing features, but it goes a step further and has a cool anti-ad blocker capability as well. Therefore, people who have opted for not seeing ads end up seeing Ad-Sense powered ads. This leads them to believe that the content is truly optimized for their user experience! Works like a charm. Every time!


A highly optimized fully responsive theme from Theme Forest, TrueMag has everything you need to display ads. It also integrates very well with WooCommerce, thereby enabling you to set up payment gateways and other e-commerce transactions. TrueMag has over 8 hot-spots for strategic ad placements, which makes it a sought-after WordPress template.


Another perky website from Theme Forest, Noon is a surprise package in this list. If you’re looking for a theme that is suitable for both long and short posts, viral content, and strategic ad placements, look no further. Noon improves the chances of a great CTR by means of bringing down the bounce rates–the template is so user-friendly that people have a hard time navigating away from the website. Noon is WooCommerce-enabled and responsive.


SuperAdsLite by ThemeCountry is a highly optimized WordPress theme for high CTR. The theme comes with a number of ad placements of varying resolutions and unlimited sidebars. We found the theme rather modest in appearance even though it appears to be packed with SEO optimization and ad optimization goals. The theme is perfect for a simple but high throughput website design.

So, there you go! Check out the themes and let us know what worked best for you in terms of CTR output. Do not, however, forget that continued success and popularity of your website only partly depends on performance of your ads; the onus lies on the relevance and quality of content.