How Google glass change search?

How Google glass will change search?

Google glass is a wearable computer which is developed by google with an optical head mounted display. It displays information in a Smartphone like hands free format that communicate with the internet via natural language voice commands. There is a touchpad which is located on the side of Google glass. It allows the users to control the device by swiping through a timeline. It shows the weather, events, past events, phone calls, photos, circle updates and many more. It has an ability to take photos and record 720p HD video.

Google glass applications are free built by third party developers. It also uses many google applications like Google maps, Google+, Gmail and Google Now. Lot of companies and developers has built applications for glass. Other than touchpad the glass can be controlled by voice actions. Google glass will be openly available later by this year.

It’s time to think about how this technology will change the consumers search. Don’t panic have a look on where the major changes will takes place and how you can prepare.

Can’t find the blue links

It is the death to 10 blue links. As soon as you search for information you will be getting the results in blue. You can’t see all this links now because the glass uses info cards. You can view only one info card at a time. If you want to see another info card means just swipe forward with a hand. According to this we can identify that our site should show in the #1 or #2 positions if it cross than that no one will see or visit our site. So you may see a drop in traffic when searches move to glass and other similar technologies. Make your SEO still stronger to rank in #1 position. Keeping a close eye on this is very important.

Audio search

Google already has music recognition capabilities the same is implemented on the glass. Why not add a feature that automatically identifies tv shows, music and commercials through glass? When an audio clip is identified glass could give you the options like buying the song, more clips of the show or showing an ad to buy product. Beauty of the google glass is its already started searching with audio to identify songs which your are listening.

Image search

Don’t you think that image search is the amazing feature of glass. Want to know more just keep on continuing. Imagine the future of shopping in your local grocery store with glass? Instead of having bulk and stocked products in shelves, the store needs to display only few products. By using the Glass just stare at the display product to see the information like facts, recipes, reviews, price and stock levels. Once if you add the product to your virtual cart just stare at the purchase QR code for a price total and complete the transaction using the google wallet.

No need of physical shopping carts or not required to run into overstocked displays. Have a doubt whether is this the future of search? Yes obviously why because whenever you are staring at the product its nothing but searching for the details of the product in internet.


Are you aware of google translations? Glass is also having the feature where the spoken words are translated into different languages. Delivering the best search results is the goal of google.

Google+ becoming the leading social network

Google+ is integrated into the glass. Whatever the things you do with glass may definetly involve the google+ contacts and circles. As all we heard that google+ is becoming as the leading social network compared with others. SEOs may see themselves back in the day of having the sites optimized differently to rank better in search engines.

Apps for glass

Apps are the trend now a days. For every application the basic app is released in the market which makes the users more friendly and quick access of the data. Lot of companies investing tones on developing apps but the lack is they are failing to optimize for the app store. Get ready for the app store optimization to spill into glass apps.

Search will be more personal

If you want to search with glass, you need to logged into the google account. Fewer search results can be shown due to the glass small screen. All the results are shown in small info cards. Google personalization capabilities get stronger because they collect more personal information through glass.