How many links on a page

link a page

Do you know how many links should be for a page? This is the top question raised for many webmasters. Frequent changes in the Google bot guide lines may raise these types of questions. The links on the page plays a major role while crawling. The link on a page consists of lot of links related to the particular site. There is a rule from many years that the links on page should not be more than 100 per page. According to the webmasters guide lines the links on the page should be standard and in a reasonable number.

To set this standard rule for this let’s see how the googlebot works on this links. Googlebot is the web crawling bot is also called as the spider. It crawls the new pages and updated information and adds to the Google Index.

Let’s see how the whole 100 links per page rule started (10 years ago).

Though the 100 links per page rule is released so many webmasters used to give more than the limit. But the googlebot won’t get indexed beyond the limit. If the page consists of 101k or 100k it is split like this as one link per kilobyte as the same 100 links per page. But some people thought that if they are 102 links or more to that the site will be considered as spam but it is not like that. It’s only the rough guideline which is released.

Now the web changes got a lot of differences in algorithms and guidelines. The web pages started increasing gradually with rich media. So that the guidelines are removed now and kept a reasonable number, this is good guidance.

Impact on the page rank

Links on the page may effect for the page rank. Do you know how the page rank is ranked? Page rank is divided with number of links on the page. Fewer the pages results the higher in the page rank which the linked pages gains. By knowing this maintaining the reasonable links number and following the proper guide lines will gives you the pretty high results.

How page rank is divided?

The page rank that flows through the out links is divided by no.of total out links. Suppose if you have 100 links, it will be divided by the page rank by 100. Having huge links may effect in decreasing each individuals page rank. Maintaining the proper amount of links in a page results you in high page rank.

Throws in spam

The major thing that should keep in mind while linking is about the spam. Once the page throws you in spam it won’t give you best to the site. Following with more links may look you in spam.

Following the proper guidelines of linking the page gives you perfect result.