Attract valuable links with powerful content

Attract valuable links with powerful content

Attract valuable links with powerful content

Creating the content that naturally attracts links will not only saves time but also increases the engagement with the blog. Hosting and creating most popular content is more effective than link building from other websites. There are many ways to generate links using content like link bait, guest blogging, white papers and article writing etc.

Types of content that attract links

Infographics: Infographics helps in presenting the content in an easy to digest format using graphics and visuals.

Videos: Videos plays major role in content delivering and gaining the links. Though these are very expensive but results from these are marvelous.

Interviews: Question & answers with industry experts adds plus to share the knowledge. This will attract many researchers and readers.

Humor: Good and best humor can attract huge amount of links.

Reports: report, experiments and case study can provide fresh and new information that haven’t been seen before.

Guest blogging: Have you invited guest bloggers onto your blog to write for you? It has two advantages like writers will share and link to their article or it allows you to get good content if your resource is short.

Tutorials: Perfect and well written tutorials is having more potential to earn huge links.

Use link magnets and link bait

Do you want to attract links to your web site? Then set up yourself on link bait or link magnet and wait for the links to come. Link magnets are creative web applications, reference materials, information and how to guides which are unique or valuable to users. Link bait is nothing but content such as interesting audios or videos which are created for attracting visitor’s attention and gain links. The main differences between both are link magnets are useful to attract relevant links whereas link bait is used to gain short term traffic.

Good content may drives traffic, host keyword anchor text and builds a brand which rank well and attract quality traffic.

Benefits of link attraction

Quality links: If the members of press or figures in the given industry enjoy and notice a piece of content, it will attract several links from readers, writers and authors.

Comments: A stunning piece of content on a blog will gain numerous comments from readers. This increases brand to interact with the audience.

Social media: Viral content can attract thousands of likes, tweets and shares. This completely based on the brand awareness. This is the major factor when it comes to google rankings.

Quantity of links: As we know that viral piece of content may gives larger impact in building links than struggling for months on manual link building.

Reputation: Producing popular content helps in branding.

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