How to backup your wordpress blog to amazon s3 cloud storage

How to backup your wordpress blog to amazon s3 cloud storage


If you search for WordPress backup in the official WordPress plugin directory you will be surprised to find so many plugins that exists to help you easily backup your WordPress database and other associated files. There is a wide range of choice but most of the backup plugins works in the same manner. The basic process of most of the backup plugins are, it takes a copy of your entire MySQL database and will save it to a zip file in the same server that is hosting your WordPress blog. Some of the plugins are capable of sending you a back file as an attachment through mail.

If you are on Amazon S3 you can simply use Dan Coulter’s WordPress plugin. This will automatically take backup of your blog to the S3 cloud. It is the most simple and easy way there is no configuration required at all. You just have to add your Amazon S3 access key and the rest is taken care by the plugin. This will create S3 buckets for you were all your WordPress files will get saved. This plugin won’t just take backup of your WordPress database but it will also save a copy of your WordPress themes, plugins, upload and other important configuration files such as .htaccess, wpconfig.php etc to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 charges you for every byte of data storage so it is wise to set the plugin to automatically delete backups that are older than a month.

You can either run scheduled backup once per day or per month or take snapshots manually. The backup happens in the background so you need not wait for the browser for the process to complete. Back plugin is available at the site but before you proceed with download let me give you a caution. Once the plugin is installed it will automatically add links to the author site in your WordPress blog without even asking you. But it is not a huge threat to prevent you from using this plugin; you can easily remove the links from the options page. Automatic WordPress Backup is free plugin; this will help you to take backup of your WordPress blog posts, comments, themes and plugins to Amazon S3.

WP2Cloud plugin is designed to completely store the WordPress site to cloud storage. It stores the media file like pictures, videos, music, documents in the cloud. The media files that are downloaded to the WordPress are in fact uploaded to the cloud storage not to the local file system of the web server hosting this website. The media files are served from the cloud storage. The cloud storage URL is directly referred by the website pages. To help make serving media files from Amazon S3 faster you can configure the plugins with CDN such as Amazon CloudFront. Once you configure the plugins with CDN, the website refers to the media files through CDN URL. This will help to serve the media files from locations around the world to provide best and faster performance.

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