How to Cope with Tricky Design Trends inspired by Black Friday

Following trends has always been popular. Of course, new tendencies appear all the time and exist for some reasons. And it concerns not only fashion but also various spheres of life, such as business, art, etc. However, it is worth mentioning that supporting everything that is offered may not always be beneficial. Web design is not an exception in this case. When you create a professional website, the primary goal is to attract as many people as possible. Moreover, you want people not just come and go but stay and take some action, for instance, order some product or service.

design trends

There are a lot of cool elements in web design. Each of them has its purpose and can contribute to conveying your message to the audience. However, besides being trendy, these elements can be rather tricky. There are several factors you need to take into consideration when applying various design features into your website:

  • they should be relevant;
  • they should enhance UX but not make it worse;
  • they should draw your customers’ attention and not vice versa;
  • the last but not the least, they should be implemented professionally.

Nevertheless, even if you consider all these factors, there is still a risk misusing or overusing them. Therefore, the best variant, in any case, is to opt for the Bootstrap 4 Website Templates that are kindly offered by the well-known provider TemplateMonster. The superb collection of WordPress Themes will leave nobody indifferent. You will find various templates suitable for any type of business, as well as for personal use.

Do you still want to try to implement various design trends yourself? Let us have a look at some risky ones and tips how to avoid them. We are sure that you don’t want to set a trap for yourself, do you?


The choice of color palette is very important for any website, as colors can be a powerful tool in strengthening your brand. What is more, they play a significant role in creating the mood of the webpage. Colors themselves may also communicate the key message. However, some colors work for some brands and don’t work for others. Thus, if you really need bright colors for your website, it is recommended to arrange them carefully. It is advisable not to use them as the main background, as well as near the main text copy. Being applied sparingly, they will guide the users but not hurt their eyesight.


Everything that is valuable and impressive has been composed of details. Small elements, for example, lines, circles, shapes will contribute to creating individuality of your website. They may also be used effectively if you want to underline some points or separate the information. However, too much of a good thing is good for nothing, right? Therefore, be careful not to overuse these details, as it may lead to a visual mess on your webpage. Moreover, they can also distract the users’ attention from the main text. It would be better to apply them in minimal layouts and use the monochrome background to intensify their effect.


Animation has always been trendy and fun. As it is engaging and interesting, it helps increase users involvement, thus, making them come back to the website again. As a result, it has become a very useful tool in web design. This powerful visual trigger can be subtle or apparent, large-scale or small one. Every type of animation has its definite purpose. However, in order to increase website usability, it should be used wisely. There are some tips that are worth considering if you want to apply animation and ensure a positive experience for your visitors:

  • don’t mix up too many various moving effects, as it may lead to chaos;
  • smooth and seamless animation is much better than jumpy and mechanical one;
  • if you make it fast, it won’t bog down your website;
  • don’t use too much animation, as it may be rather confusing for the users.


If you want to create an optical illusion of movement on your website, then parallax is exactly what you need. Nowadays it is widely used in various templates. On the one hand, it really enhances website design as it creates a sense of depth for the objects moving at different pace. On the other hand, it isn’t meant for every website where it is applied. There are some traps and pitfalls you may come across when using parallax:

  • you sacrifice your page load time and may lose traffic;
  • it can disorient users if the website is created to give information or to sell something, not to showcase the portfolio;
  • it’s not always SEO-friendly.

Therefore, if you don’t want parallax to cause a motion sickness of the customers, use a reasonable number of floating elements. Moreover, it is recommended to highlight just small elements in this way, that is product imagery or pull quotes. Finally, parallax effect should be pointful.


Are you fed up with a good old grid-based layout that you see on the most websites and want something more interesting? So, you decide to apply all your creativity to the layout and make it different from the usual one. Yes, it will make your website more attractive. However, it is difficult to exclude the possibility of spoiling everything and creating a mess instead of a masterpiece. Thus, first of all, it is necessary to remember about balance and structure. The layout, even the alternative one, should follow some hierarchy. Besides balancing the layout with well-structured blocks, it is worth separating text blocks clearly. What is more, it is not advisable to use alternative layout for content-oriented websites.


Typography plays a crucial role in communicating the key message. Due to this, one may be tempted to use various fonts to stand out from the crowd, including petite typography. We agree that it looks stylish and leaves space for other elements. But what about readability which is of paramount importance when it comes to the issue of conveying the message? If you still want to use petite typography, it is advisable to make it visible, using contrasting colors or images. Moreover, the size should be at least 13 pt. Surrounding it with negative space will also be beneficial for the website.


A good navigation is an essential part of every website. If the website is easy to navigate, it is more likely to be explored in details. It is possible to add some distinctive navigational elements to your website to make it unique. For instance, subtle edge navigation or a single page with some marvelous markers will do good. Or it can also be hidden, pop-out or horizontal. However, be careful not to make the navigation of the website misleading to your visitors. Even if it is unusual, make sure it is obvious, comfortable and user-friendly. By the way, it works best for small or medium websites or the ones that don’t have much content to demonstrate. Moreover, it should be accessible from every page of the website.


One old saying states: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In some cases, images can speak louder than words. Therefore, why not opt for custom photos instead of stock ones even if it takes time and can be rather expensive? No stock image will substitute your original vision of one or another product. Custom photos show your visitors that you think of them and want to make a good impression. Nevertheless, if you are short of time or money and still want to add stock imagery to your website, it is advisable to consider some points:

  • try to select the best images that you can find;
  • use stock photos for backgrounds;
  • edit these pictures to add some unique features;
  • avoid them in case it is possible.


Pop-ups are an important component in web design the value of which is difficult to overestimate. They have an enormous marketing power, of course, in case they are used properly. As pop-ups are so effective, they are used almost everywhere to catch people’s attention. What is more, they can easily help you achieve conversion goals if you use them wisely. If not, then they will spoil everything. What should you do? There are some simple tips to follow:

  • avoid aggressive and annoying pop-ups;
  • don’t use entry pop-ups if you care about the first impression your website will make on the visitors;
  • try to make them as simple and distinctive, as possible and, thus, they will become valuable;
  • it is not worth using pop-ups that ask for contact details;
  • take into account their timing and position.


It is almost impossible to ignore video background, as it is moving. What can be better for capturing the visitors’ attention? Video background helps to establish an emotional connection with the potential client if it is not too long and annoying. Moreover, it affects the readability of the content placed above it. In order to use the video background the right way, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • it is necessary to compress the video as much as possible if you care about the page load time;
  • use contrasting color for the content to make it visible;
  • it is worth adding a pause button to the video;
  • take into account timing and the quality of sound.

Do you want to find out more about the tricky design trends? Have a look at the following infographic that perfectly illustrates everything you need to know.


Therefore, we may say that some design trends are really worth following. However, if you doubt what to choose and how to use it properly, the best WordPress Themes are waiting for you! Opting for these ready-made templates, you can be 100% sure that everything has been designed in the best possible way!