How to dominate your niche on google?

How to dominate your niche on google?

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Dominate your niche on Google and make a very profitable SEO strategy. There are 5 steps described here to dominate your niche on Google.

Step 1: Fix your niche

Before dominating your niche, you must know what your niche is. It is always better to select a specific niche. You may deliver different products or services, but your niche should be the product that made you different in the industry. That is, your niche should be the product or service that made your business famous among all. Sometimes it is very difficult to dominate multiple niches on Google, and that depends on your competition and resources. So it is always good to focus on one niche.

Consider a law firm which is specialized in personal injury law, but also deals criminal and family laws. This firm would love to dominate all the three areas, but they are resourced in personal injury laws only. So, they may fail to dominate all the three and moreover, it is good for them to dominate in personal injury laws since that is their specialty.

Google always provides information that is highly relevant to the need. So they insist the firm to dominate a single niche, so that the user can get more relevant information on their need.

Step 2: Optimize with Niche Specific Keywords

After you have decided your niche, you have to choose the right and accurate key words. Determining the keywords is also important just like determining niche. The keywords are the factor that determines the attraction of audience. The audience needs what they search, so your keyword must be specific and unique. Don’t go for generic keywords. If you have a unique keyword, then your keywords will be less competitive and you can rank well. They will deliver traffic to your site and ranking will increase.

Step 3: Implement Google Authorship

If you have Google authorship, you can add your face and name to your website. This is more helpful for medical professionals, legal professionals etc… where they have personal brand tied to organization brand.

Step 4: Write Great, Authoritative Content Often

To show that you are an expert and a developed leader, to attract the audience and to force them to visit you website again, to increase your ranking and to earn more traffic you must write great, authoritative content.

Step 5: Use Google+ to Promote Your Content

After doing all these steps, you have to promote your content. For promoting your content, go for Google+. You can always influence the audience with relevant content through Google + network.

Google+ Business Page will also help you to promote your content by sharing it with users. If you have enough resources, then you can attain success through Google+ and Google+ Business Page.


You must take some effort to execute these 5 steps, and you can be assured that once you did these steps, you will be well on the way to dominate your niche on Google.


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