How to enhance security for your joomla / wordpress? Best extensions to use for better security

How to enhance security for your joomla / wordpress? Best extensions to use for better security


Joomla and WordPress is the most popular CMS blogging tool. Hence there are many hackers who often try to have these. Given below are some options through which you can try to control hacking.

  • It is always to spend some time in taking backups of your site. This will help you to retrieve your site back even its hacked. It is easy and most effective; you just have to find vulnerabilities on a website to retrieve back your site.
  • Update you are Joomla, updated version of this has enhanced security core elements. It will help to reduce hacking as the updated versions have new improved security modules. But always remember to take backup before you proceed with the upgrade.
  • Joomla is very popular for its extension of third party but this also lets a way to enter your website. You should update each different extension regularly. Always run code review for any extension used. You should also review Vulnerable Extension List to make sure that any third party extension version appears on the vulnerable list. You need to remember that any extension which is not updated and is not safe can affect your entire website.
  • Do not forget to remove unused extension. Normally you install many extensions and it happens that you do not use some at all. Use the uninstall option to get rid of the unused extension which is a threat to your website.
  • Protect your website with strong password. When you set a password remember to use uppercase, lowercase, special character and numbers. Your database is very important so protect it with MySQL.
  • Always use URLs search engine friendly, this is not only important for Google ranking but will also help to prevent the hackers from exploiting the Google search results.
  • You can change the URL administration security name.
  • Remove the extension number and version; mostly the vulnerabilities only occur in specific extension. So removing the version and number will help to prevent an attack before it happens.
  • To protect your website always use the correct CHMOD for each folder and file.
  • You can also change your .htaccess files.
  • You need to turn off the Register_globals; this may be displayed as PHP script. This will also affect the other programmes that you are using.
  • Review and take action of the security check.

Best extension to be used:

Firefox is considered as the best extension to reduce or prevent hacking and help other functions too. It is necessary to blend your website with Firefox. Firefox extension helps in various functions like Productivity, Security and Utilities. So you can choose for which option you are opting Firefox. Since we are discussing on security let’s check how it helps enhance the security of your website. As discussed above you need to have a strong password and it is advisable to change your password frequently. But there is a trouble, often strong passwords are the once that we cannot remember easily and frequently changing the password will increase the confusion. Firefox has a solution LastPass this will help to manage your password. All you need to do is just put all your passwords into the LastPass, this will create a secure password for you and automatically log you in.


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