How to find smartphone crawl errors using google webmaster tool

How to find smartphone crawl errors using google webmaster tool

google crawl errors

Detecting the errors in the smart phone is the major problem facing by webmasters. It is hard for them to fix the errors occurring on Smartphone devices.

Why the detection of the errors on Smartphone is difficult?

Sometimes smart phone users will get an error page or they are redirected to other irrelevant page, but the desktop users may not face the problem like this. They will be getting the relevant information for what they are searching for. This kind of problems reported to the google. Google takes an action to overcome this problem and detected this as the crawl errors. These errors may hurt the website and drops the user experience of visiting website again.

After seeing all this problems Google took initiative and added a section for crawl error report. This will generate the report of the errors. It makes easy now to point out the smartphone errors tab in the error report.

Navigation (Webmaster tool)

Home –>dashboard –>click on the site (for which u want to find the crawl errors) –>select the site dashboard(on the left side) –> select crawl –>click on crawl errors –>select the tab smart phone

smartphone crawl errors

Have a look of crawl error report

Soft 404s and not found errors:  If the page shows “not found” message to googlebot or by returning to the http 404 status codes then the page is identified as the soft error page.

Server errors: While crawling a page if the googlebot gets an http errors status code then it is said to be an server error.

Blocked Urls: The blocked url occurs when the sites robot.txt file disallow to crawl by googlebot for smatphone.Whenever you find the blocked urls you should verify the server configuration which is reported in webmaster tools.

Faulty redirects: It is the smartphone specific error. This occurs when the desktop page redirects smartphone users page which is not so relevant to content what they are searching for.

Tracking the crawl errors on smartphone is the best deal for a webmasters to find the defects caused. This make easy to find the smartphone errors.


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