How to protect yourself from email spammers?

How to protect yourself from email spammers?

How to protect yourself from email spam

Though many of us use it every day, email can be daunting. We will get lot of unwanted emails or spam from strangers. May be the spam is just an ad but it can be often worse. Some emails flows with viruses or scams that damages the computer. Email can be vital but it also a dangerous. A spam mail may contain advertisements, special offers and deals in single message and sent to a recipient who actually doesn’t need messages.

How Spammers get email addresses

Can caught email addresses from web: Suppose if you have left email address in comment, public forum, winners list, signature or anywhere that publicly accessible then scammers will be having chance of gaining those email addresses.

Harvesting data from fake sweepstakes sites: Scammers target people who are likely fall on their scams.

Selecting random email addresses and sending scams: Scammers select a popular email service by choosing a brand and generate lists by combining names and words. It is difficult to avoid this type of emails.

Hacking into online databases: Some scammers will get the email lists by hacking online databases. This is expensive, high-risk and dangerous.

Buying Email lists from sweepstakes sites: It is possible for a company to hold a legitimate sweepstake and decided to make money by selling the email lists.

Although spam mail is difficult to avoid but you can eliminate spam clogging your inbox by using anti spam software. These software filters spam mails. Let’s see some tips how to identify and beware from the spam emails.

Don’t open the email if you don’t know who the sender is: Don’t try to click on the emails if you don’t know who sends the message. This method is being following from the past days. In present days the attachments are sending along with the emails. These are embedded with malware.

Don’t encourage the emails that request personal information: Remember that no organization will ask you for social security or personal information. You will be facing this type of messages through emails. Don’t respond for that emails. You can easily identify that is spam mail if they ask for your personal details.

Concentrate on typos or spelling mistakes: Lot of the spam mails will be having atrocious spelling and grammar.

Careful with emails that sends messages from paypal etc.: As we know that PayPal scams are serious issue on internet.

Watch red flag phrases: Messages like verify your account or you have won! All this type of messages is common in spam. Think wisely genuine firms never send emails in this format.


  • Do not disclose the personal information including your email address.
  • Be careful while subscribing to free email services.
  • Use separate email addresses for different purposes.
  • Beware of spammers tricks.
  • Check out properly while opening and closing the email attachments.
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