How to set up motocms affiliate demo for

How to set up motocms affiliate demo for

Building a website with MotoCMS is simple. This website builder allows you to create the site without any coding knowledge. Drag & drop options make the work simple. It the best advanced CMS system that offers a great functionality and SEO friendly websites. Using of Moto CMS is an ultimate easy task. Webmaster can easily gain the power of editing the site with MotoCMS. MotoCMS is growing big in the market with user friendly interface. It is being an ideal choice for the website beginner because of common drag & drop options.

Setting up the moto cms is very easy process who knows basic wordpress installation.

Step 1

Download the file from and unzip it. You will get directory and tm_moto_regdeom_landing.sql file

Step 2

Login to your hosting control panel and create a sub domain. For example if your domain is you can create

Step 3

Edit the tm_moto_regdeom_landing.sql file in any text editor. Now fine and replace with your sub domain name (here it is



Save this file.

Step 4

Create a database and user to set up the moto cms demo. Now the import database  ‘tm_moto_regdeom_landing.sql’ to newly created database.

Step 5

Go to file manager and upload all the files from to the sub domain directory (which is ‘moto’ here)

Step 6

Now access to frontend to start the set up ( You need to set up site name , email and other details

Step 7

Login to your admin( with below credentials

user: admin
Password: SwYZ2Td9([email protected]

Now go to settings-> general and update the ‘aff param’ using your affiliate id.


You are all done. Now access the demo

This is very easy tool to use and excellent way to set up the affiliate program and demo for your visitors. This is more easier like you do set up a new wordpress installation. Easy to import data and set up your affiliate id.

Moto CMS affiliate program is very profitable and easy to register. If you want to sell moto cms templates through your blog or website, you can register now for free.

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