How to use dropbox as CDN for your wordpress blog

How to use dropbox as CDN for your wordpress blog


To get good performance of your website it is highly recommended to use a Content Delivery Network CDN. This will help your website’s static content that is images, JavaScript and CSS files. The CDN will help to reduce the physical distance between the user’s browser and your content. You will be wondering what CDN is all about? It is a collection of web servers spread across vast locations to deliver content more resourcefully to users. The server which is selected for distributing content to a particular user is the one with the least network hops. Using CDN will reduce loading time and will enhance the overall performance of your blog. But most of the professional CDN services are paid and expensive too. Here is a solution for all these; Dropbox is the most famous storage services. But it is more than a storage services by giving more space to your hard disk, it internally helps the performance of your blog. Amazon S3 is the most cost effective CDN for hosting WordPress files but in case if you are not on S3 then Dropbox serves as the better CDN to serve static files of your WordPress blog. Given below is a detailed instruction of how to use the Dropbox CDN.

  • First you need to download and install the plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory and activate it.
  • Next you need to sign up. In your Dropbox account sign in and create a new folder in the root directory of your cloud storage.
  • Now open your websites file manager and download entire WordPress content directory. You need to upload this content to your CDN folder in your Dropbox account.
  • You need to open your Dropbox directory and copy the URL of the folder that your create above in the second step.
  • Lastly you need to open the Dropbox plugin settings and paste the URL of the folder there.

These methods followed properly works well. After you complete these steps your blog static files will be hosted and loaded through your Dropbox account. If you ever change anything on the files located in WordPress content and WordPress includes, then you will have to reload the same to the Dropbox account. The steps involved in using the Dropbox can be easily narrated as, create a sub folder in your Dropbox Public folder. Copy and paste the content of your WordPress theme folder structure here. Next you need to copy the URL of this folder and paste it on the Dropbox CDN plugin. Rest the Dropbox CDN plugin will take care. This method is very easy and will help to speed up your website. But there is a drawback too; the Dropbox bandwidth has a daily limit, so if your blog is visited by thousands of users this won’t work. Dropbox can be used in other method to using the WordPress Super Cache Plugin by creating sub folder and copying the WordPress content to the Dropbox account as seen above. The Dropbox is a free CDN which helps to host your WordPress static content like image, Java Script and CSS files.

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