How to use images for link building

How to use images for link building

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Links are the streets between pages. For any marketing activity link building campaign is the creation of goals and strategies. In the field of SEO link building aim is to increase the number and quantity of inbound links to a page. Link building is very essential in online marketing. It not only gives earnings but also helps a website to generate leads, allow connecting publishers and building a strong branding.

The easiest way of gaining links is the images. Now a days the content with images are playing major role in link marketing. The images with content are attracting the visitors attention than the images without the content. It’s been taking more time to read an article with content but this image with content delivers the information to the visitors in short and sweet form. It reduces the time as well as gaining more views. The links which are given in between the text are not so popular than the images with contents.

Images have been a huge part of the web for the past decade. Now the content on the image added more value to allover web usage. Enhancing the visual experience at the same time delivering the information gives more impression.

Types of images that can be used in web marketing

  • GIF (Graphical interchange format)
  • Typography
  • Infographics
  • Drawings/illustrations
  • Photographs
  • Memes
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Comic strips

Have a look on how to use these images to promote your online business

Link building with infographics: It is one of the best tactics for brand marketing. Using this technique most of them are gaining social shares and branding. This became a modern technique in link building. The power of infographics is taking to higher level day by day with its efficiency especially when data visualization. There are many ways to get high vale links through infographics. Design the infographic and target them to the related sites.


  • Promote the designed infographic on social networking sites.
  • Providing embed codes to make linking easier for bloggers.
  • Email outreach to bloggers who find that the infographic is most useful to their readers.

Reverse image search

Google image search is the effective process of link building. It helps in finding and tracking of the original images that may have used by the other webmasters. Some will use the images of which you built may not give any link to your site. Google reverse image search may helps you to find this type of issues.

Options in using these image search engine

  • Enter your image URL
  • Upload your image
  • Using keywords you can find the image (image file name)

Since they already got used your images it make easier to you to ask for the link.

Launch images within your domain [guest blog posts]

Include the original images in guest posts like screenshots will definitely plus for blogs where you will submit the guest entry. Instead of including the images in an attachement why not just submit the entire post in HTML format. By doing this you can earn the image based links to your site.

Pinterest marketing

Several studies prove that pinterest drives more site transactions and sales. This proves how powerful the social photo-sharing site can be if used as a viral marketing tool. Spread your images based content in this. Sure you will get traffic and conversions to a site.

Using memes for link building

Memes are so easy to create at the same time these are having great potentials of getting viral. Especially if you have unique concept and a humorous message then it can easily strike the audience. Create your own meme and start spreading the content using the social sited where you can target the audience most. Reverse image search will help you to find sites used your meme. Contact them and achieve your link.

Typography for tumblr blogs

Using typography you can gain more natural links to a website. You just need a strong content and to know how to promote it. If you have any strong quotes turn them into typography and publish them on tumblr. Most of the tumblr users are easily drawn by visuals with compelling messages.

Curate your industry’s best images (Link Bait)

Link bait also known as click bait. The content on the website which is designed specially to encourage others to link to your website is called as link bait. Gathering the great images and compelling images and publishing them in a single blog post is very self explanatory. There are so many ways to promote curated content. This is also best way in approaching the other sites for the links.

Image bookmarking sites for links

There are lot of image bookmarking sites now available in market. Utilize this and promote different types of images and linkable images. Submitting the images in different sites may get you the links and views to your site. This is also type of link making.

Offer premium images and cinemagraphs to bloggers

It’s best to provide images and cinemagraphs that you can offer to bloggers in exchange for links. This is the best thing and easily baits bloggers to using the images by offering you the link.

Till now we have seen how to link build using the images let’s see some of the guidelines how to publish and optimize

  • The alt text of the image plays a major role to tell what the image is all about. So place a proper alt text for the image.
  • Now a days the loading and performance of the site is considered. So users may search for the small and fast loading images. Mentioning the width and height of the image gives best result.
  • The quality of the image should be high. Clear view of the image with quality makes user feel great.
  • Anchor text which is used for the link should be relevant and descriptive.
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